Modern Family season nine episode six recap: Ten Years Later


Photo Credit: Modern Family/ Disney ABC Press Site

Modern Family aired a new episode this week as the Dunphy/Pritchett clan united to celebrate a milestone. Jay and Gloria’s tenth anniversary is here. Since their wedding was fairly disastrous, Mitch and Claire have united to throw their father a perfect party. They owe it to him…

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With the day of the party finally here, the elder Pritchett children are struggling to nail down the entertainment. This party must be perfect… Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Claire (Julie Bowen) were both a handful at the wedding. Feeling responsible for a great bit of the family drama, they need to hit this one out of the park.

Meanwhile, Gloria enters the kitchen. She’s beside herself. It seems Manny (Rico Rodriguez) isn’t going to attend his parent’s anniversary party, and this isn’t setting well with his mother. However, it seems Jay is responsible. The scene cuts away to see Jay telling his step-son (once again home for the weekend) to get out and enjoy his college experience.

Later, Claire and Phil (Ty Burrell) enter a magic shop. It seems he’s going to provide the entertainment for the party.There’s brief discussion of a job opportunity Phil once had in magic years before.

Meanwhile, it seems the entertainment is a popular topic as Cam (Eric Stonestreet) is also planning a music number. However, the couple are struggling to agree as Mitch doesn’t want to perform. As he watches Cam perform with a monotone Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons), Mitch realizes he actually does want to sing. They’re going to do this.

Later, Jay arrives at Manny’s dorm room. However, he stops outside the door… the make-out king is occupied. Manny opens the door a crack as Jay admits he lied…. Gloria had nothing to do with everything. However, a female voice calls from deep inside, someone misses her baby bear.

The action cuts to the party as Mitch and Cam come to the stage for their one song. Mitch goes into the vocals, timidly singing a weak version of “Old Black Magic,” while Cam plays the drums. However, the tension between the men escalates as Mitch tosses to every musician, but Cameron. How can he not toss to the drum solo?

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Later, Mitch and Cam sit down to make peace. There’s only a moment of bickering before they kiss and make up.

While Phil attempts to prime the audience for his magic trick, Cam launches into a drum solo. Phil aims to convince the audience Gloria traveled back in time. She disappears inside the large box. However, Phil seems side-tracked. It seems his feelings are still hurt. 15 years ago he missed a phone call about a magic job he was in the running for. How could Jay and Claire do that to him?

As Gloria emerges from the contraption clad in her wedding dress, a stitch snaps, sending a button flying across the room. It has been 10 years after all. The distraught Gloria runs from the room.

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Later, Manny arrives at the house. However, Gloria isn’t excited to see her son. The nerve… he left a dance major trying to replace food with affection for this! There’s a tender moment as Jay enters and embraces his wife. Even if Gloria was thirty pounds heavier, she’d still be massively out of his league.

Meanwhile, Phil and Claire stop outside of a magic shop. It seems Claire stood between Phil and his dream out of fear. After all, they had three young children and a mortgage at the time. However, what’s stopping them now?

Modern Family airs Wednesday nights on ABC. Previous episodes stream on Hulu.