Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars exclusive: Josh calls out SPOILER for being a bully


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After a heated day in the kitchen, Josh is not afraid to call out his new teammate Elise for the bully that he believes her to be!

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“You’re just a bully,”  Season 14 returnee Josh Trovato bluntly states to his new teammate Elise Harris (Season 9) in our exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s new episode of Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars!

This Friday, the remaining All-Stars are forced to deal with a shocking new twist which leaves them unhappy and quickly turns up the heat back in the dorms as the teams experience an unexpected shakeup. With the team structures altered for the first time this season, the chefs must navigate the new dynamics of their team while competing in the latest rounds of competition as they try to impress Chef Ramsay and the night’s special guests, Chef Ben Ford and actor Shaun Brown (The Great Indoors). However, given the way in which Josh and Elise go at one another back in the dorms, it seems safe to assume that the two All-Stars’ first day as teammates did not go off without a hitch.

“Men that are soft like Josh tend to think that strong women like myself are bullies, but it nothing to do with me being a bully; it has everything to do with me telling you we not going to put up with this sh*t.,” Elise confesses to the camera after Josh calls her out for being a bully in front of the rest of her team.

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Much to the displeasure of the rest of the Red Team, who sit back and watch the heated exchange go down before their eyes, Josh and Elise decide to air their grievances with one another out in the open for all to see and neither chef is afraid to pull punches or mince words.

“Elise is all about taking the blame and pushing it on others,” Josh comments during his camera talk. “Elise is a master manipulator and, you know what, I see right through it.” In other words, Josh has Elise’s number and he’s not going to go down without a fight!

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Are you looking forward to seeing what goes down in the kitchen between Josh and Elise that sets up for their war of words back at the dorms? Does it surprise you at all that Elise would be the first to have a major blowout with her new teammate? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below.