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Dragon Ball Super episode 115 “Goku vs Kafla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!” –  A quick recap of all the action we got from Episode 115.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 saw Kale and Caulifla fusing to make Kafla in order to avoid elimination. Kafla had trouble handling her new-found power. The episode ended with a paused screen of Kafla landing a punch on super saiyan God Goku.

Episode 115

The episode began with some kind of strange avatar guy dressed like Goku giving us a preview of the episode. In the beginning Goku’s super saiyan God form is no match for Kafla. Although, she still has trouble controlling her overwhelming power. Beerus accusing his brother Champa of cheating by using the potara earrings. Zeno rules the use of potaras fair game.

Each Universe begins to deliberate on whether or not to use the potaras. Universe 7 decides to have Androids 17 and 18 use the potaras. Krillen is totally against this idea because the two are twins and Android 18 is his wife. A name is even given to what the new form will be called, calling them Android 35. Whis the angel of Universe 7 mentions that if the two fuses and get eliminated, it will be taking out two fighters in one strike. Because of this, Beerus quickly changes his mind and refuses to allow it.

The Universe 2 God of destruction Heles loves anything beautiful, and she declares the potara fusions an act of beauty. Universe two decides to have Rabanra and Zarbuto fuse, but Kafla comes out of no where and stops them from using the earrings.

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  • Vegeta vs Toppo

    After stopping Universe 2 from fusing, Kafla continues her fight with Goku where she has the upper-hand. We then get a clip of Vegeta fighting Toppo. Vegeta is to worried about Goku’s fight and is not giving Toppo his full attention. Toppo is able to catch Vegeta in his bear hug move, it’s the same move he caught Goku with in the Zen-exhibition match.

    Next, we see Gohan and Piccolo continuing their fight with the Universe 6 Namekians. We haven’t seen much of this battle, but it seems to be a back and forth chess match between the two. Of course, Gohan hasn’t used him mystic/ultimate form yet either. Piccolo is trapped and about to be hit with a big attack, but Gohan jumps in front of him and blocks the attack. Gohan then tears off the arm of one of the Namekians, and he regenerates it. Piccolo mentions he isn’t surprised Universe 6 Namekians have the same ability.

    Finally, we see Android 18, who we haven’t seen in a while. Somehow, she has hurt her leg and she is confronted by Katopesla. Katopesla is able to get behind 18, he throws a punch and she flinches. However, his fist stops just before impact, and Android 17 is standing there grasping his arm. Android 17 says he doesn’t believe in striking a female in the face as he sends Katopesla flying with an energy blast. 18 responds with she didn’t ask for any help, but 17 says he was just passing by.

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    Goku continues his fight with Kafla. She hits him with an energy blast, and out of the smoke stands a super saiyan blue Goku. Vegeta senses Goku has gone super saiyan blue and is able to break out of Toppo’s attack. Goku is able to go toe-to-toe with Kafla in this form, but Kafla still has the slight upper-hand. Frieza watches down on the two and mentions that even though he hates saiyans, this is a fight worth watching. Goku decides to use his Kio-Ken power multiplier. With his power multiplied Goku now seems to have the fight under control.

    Beerus is worried as Goku is still drained from his fight with Jiren, and Kio-Ken drains a lot of stamina, but he understands it’s the only way Goku can win. Kafla blocks a punch from Goku, but acknowledges the attack made her arms numb. Goku is then able to land a punch in Kafla’s stomach, which sends her flying. Champa has grown worried at this point, he yells to Kafla she can’t lose. Kafla emerges from the rubble and launches an energy blast at Goku.

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    Goku tells her that attack won’t work again. As he prepares to counter, Kafla appears behind and lands a kick to his neck. The kick knocks Goku back down to his base form. As he lays there unconscious, Kafla tells him she wanted the fight to last longer, but she was going to go ahead and eliminate him. Goku’s body begins to tremble and he stumbles up to his feet. Kafla launches a series of energy attacks at Goku, and he barely moves, but dodges them all. Kafla calls this a fluke and does it again, but the same thing happens. Goku looks up and his eyes are silver! His hair slightly spikes up and silvers energy erupts from his body. Jiren’s eyes flinch again, as Goku and Kafla square off. This is where the episode ends.

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