10 Non-mainstream anime you should see

Tatsuya Fujiwara of attends the premier for 'Ruroni Kenshin' on July 23, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Sports Nippon/Getty Images)
Tatsuya Fujiwara of attends the premier for 'Ruroni Kenshin' on July 23, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Sports Nippon/Getty Images) /

Are you a fan of anime? Do you have trouble finding some interesting new titles to watch? This list of non-mainstream anime should help.

Do you enjoy anime titles such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress or others? Are you looking to dive deeper into the anime world? This a list dives pretty deep into the anime world. We look to pull titles that are just as good as the mainstream anime titles, but don’t quiet get the same recognition.

1. Ruroni Kenshin

This is an anime the whole family can enjoy. It is filled with light-hearted comedy, great action scenes, and even some historical facts. The story revolves around Kenshin, during the Japanese civil war he was known as the man slayer. Today he lives in the magi era and he travels Japan protecting the weak to repent of the lives he has taken. He has vowed to never kill again, but eventually his past catches up and he has to make some tough decisions.

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2. Elfien Lied

This one is rated R for nudity, blood and gore, and adult language. Lucy spent many years of her life as a science project. Eventually, she is able to escape and slaughters everyone on her way to the exit. She has vectors, which are invisible arm-like structures coming from her back. The vectors are explained as high-speed sound-wave vibrations she controls. Once she escapes she is rescued by a young family. The problem is she has a split personality and one has no knowledge of the other.

3. Guilty Crown

In 2029 the human race has become an endangered species due to the “Apocalypse virus”. Due to this the world has gone into martial law and ran by a company known as GHQ. Ten years later in 2039 a resistence group known as “Funeral Polar” form. Their goal is to liberate Japan. Shu joins the resistence, where he learns he has an ability known as “power of the kings”. This allows him to draw out tools or weapons from another person. This one is full of action and drama.

4. Samurai Champloo

Fuu works as a waitress and gets bullied by men regularly. Eventually, Mugan sees this and comes to her rescue. Another samurai Jin decides to help as well. Once Mugan sees Jin as a worthy opponent, he attacks. The two never get to finish their fight, but Fuu has them join her on her search for the “Samurai that smells of sunflowers”.

5. Psycho Pass

In a futuristic world criminals are now forced to help police once they are caught. They are unable to refuse due to a chip being placed in their neck. Akane is a young police who intends to change the system, but she faces many problems. She’s going to need the help of her assigned enforcer.

6. Black Cat

Train is an agent for a secret society known as Chronos. His title is agent 13, but he goes by black cat due to his quick reflexes. One-day train meets Saya, who teaches him the value of life. Train decids to leave Chronos and join Saya as a bounty hunter. Will leaving Chronos really be that easy?

7. Hellsing

When Integra becomes the leader of the Hellsing organization, her uncle Richard tries to kill her. However, in the process he awakens Alucard. Alucard is a vampire, he kills Richard and his men, and becomes Integra’s servant. Now days Alucard is the trump card for the Hellsing organization. He is dispatched to kill other vampires or ghouls. This one is a little dark, but very interesting.

8. Code Geass

This one is complicated. If you are able to pay attention, the series is certainly worth the watch. Code Geass is based in future Japan. Lelouch has the power of Geass. This power allows him to give anyone he makes eye contact with a single order and they would die trying to carry out that order. The problem is, he can only use this once per person. After Japan was conquered and renamed area 11 in 2010, Lelouch joins the rebellion, but he will have to go to war with some of his closest friends.

9. Trigun

Vash the Stampede, he is a legendary vigilante. He has a $60,000,000,000 price on his head. His only goal is to travel from town to town and protect the weak, but always being chased by those looking to take his head presents real problems. You’ll not only get action, but comedy from this one as well.

10. Dragonaut: The Resonance

Are they dragons or are they aliens? Actually, they’re both. This is an action-packed series with top-notch animation. It is also a drama that includes a love that will literally go to the moon and back. When humans learn of the existence of these dragons they develop a plan in case there is ever a war. Toa along with others are cloned Dragons and raised by humans. Jin falls in love with Toa, but eventually the other Dragons come for her. Jin must team up with Gio another cloned Dragon who is also in love with Toa in order to rescue her.

If you’ve seen some of these titles? What did you think? Also comment any recommendations you have!