Bob’s Burgers: Thanks-hoarding is stuffed with love


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It’s Thanksgiving on Bob’s Burgers with Teddy hosting his own Thanksgiving with the help of the Belchers in the only way they can.

Thanksgiving is back on Bob’s Burgers. This time, it’s less focused on the Belchers and more about Teddy who is almost like an honorable Belcher family member. Hopefully, this Thanksgiving episode will keep up with the high standard the show has set for itself. Thanksgiving is Bob’s favorite holiday so fingers crossed.

If you haven’t watched “Thanks-hoarding,” there will be spoilers from this week’s Bob’s Burgers

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The episode begins with Bob talking about his plan for Thanksgiving on the day before. Teddy comes rushing in and asks the family for help with his Thanksgiving. Linda says yes and they head to Teddy’s. Bob and Teddy cook while Linda and the kids clean after Teddy’s cryptic warning about his closet.

They open the closet and find out Teddy is a secret hoarder. After Bob helps him, Teddy freaks out after seeing the family clean up his dining room. Linda convinces Bob to stay and help but Teddy won’t give up anything.

Linda eventually gives up and starts to throw things in the dumpster. Meanwhile, Bob sets up all the food to help Teddy for Thanksgiving. The next day, the family is finished eating even though Bob isn’t happy with their food. Teddy calls a few minutes later and Bob agrees to go over there to redeem himself on Thanksgiving.

Back at Teddy’s, Teddy is freaked out so Bob handles the food while the kids and Linda help Teddy set up his dining room. After Bob gets everything back on track, he and Linda try to find Teddy only to find out he’s missing.

The family looks for him and finds him in the dumpster. Linda explains the reason why Teddy’s a hoarder is that he always wanted to fix things like he did when he was younger. Right before Teddy’s supposed to host, his sister calls and says they’ll be there tomorrow.

Since dinner’s already cooking, they decide to join in and bring back Teddy’s stuff. The episode ends with Teddy and the Belchers having their own Thanksgiving together.

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Unlike previous episodes, this one is focused solely on one plot. It’s all about the Belchers helping Teddy host his own Thanksgiving. This was another great holiday episode and continues the trend.

The episode has all the making of a typical Bob’s Burgers episode including the humor, the family helping and a happy ending. Most of all, Bob was able to showcase his love of Thanksgiving. Thanks-hoarding was truly filled with love from Teddy’s love for his family, Bob’s love for Thanksgiving, the Belchers’ love for Teddy and his love for them.

After my disappointment in the Halloween episode, this is a step in the right direction. I can’t wait to see what the Belchers do for Christmas. Hopefully, it involves Teddy as he is an “honorable” Belcher family member.

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Overall, Thanks-hoarding broke up the traditional Belcher Thanksgiving and could start a new tradition. I’m happy to say it’s already one of my favorite holiday episodes and it gives me a lot of hope for the rest of the season.

I give “Thanks-hoarding” a B+

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox at 7:30/6:30c.