Outlander Uncharted recap: Claire relies on a coconut in her efforts to find Jamie


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Will Claire find Jamie in time to save him from what lies ahead in Jamaica?

Claire washes up on shore and discovers that she is not where she intended to be and requires the help of a coconut to find Jamie, as he and the crew of the Artemis suffer a great loss. Meanwhile, Fergus and Marsali commit to one another with a heartwarming surprise.

Claire jumped to her freedom last week, as she escaped captivity in an effort to warn Jamie of what lies ahead for him in Jamaica. “Uncharted” opens up with Claire, drifting throughout the night upon her buoy that she fastened with the aid of Mrs. Johansson.

By morning Claire washes ashore but is not where she intended to be. She has drifted for far too long and far too of course. Making the most of what she can, she sets off into the wilderness in search of civilisation.

The rule of three

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As Claire makes her way through the forest, she takes in her surroundings. No roads or civilization in sight she is clearly alone with only her wits to keep her company, so she prioritizes with the rule of three.

"“3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food are what a person can survive.”"

Her main priority is fresh water. Suckling the moisture from the leaves around her Claire slowly becomes delirious as the days take their toll. But the lack of water is not the only danger for Claire. On her first nights she awakes covered in ants eating away at her legs and the next an anaconda snake slithering across her chest.

Just as all seems lost and as Claire succumbs to the lack of water, she is discovered by a friendly pup.


Mr. Coconut

Delirious and confused, Claire wakes up tied to a bed. A stranger approaches her and Claire begs for water. Her stranger obliges and helps her drink but when asking to be unbound she is told no, she must rest.

When Claire wakes for the second time she is greeted by another stranger, Father Fogden. Thankful that Claire is doing well and is recovering he unbinds her and explains that it was his dog that found her and that she was only bound to stop her scratching the bites on her legs while they heal.

Confused, but thankful, Claire introduces herself and explains she is trying to get back to Jamie and she needs to find a way to Jamaica. Father Fogden explains that she is on the island of Saint Domingue and it will take several days to get to the port and sail to Jamaica. Also the road is a dangerous one and she cannot go alone.

He offers to take her but only when she is better and when he has consulted with his coconut, Mr. Coconut.

As Claire recovers she learns of how Father Fogden came to be on the island. He explains that while spreading the word of god in Cuba he met his wife. She was already with a powerful man and he was a man of god, so it was not an easy situation to be in. However, they could not deny each other and fled just as war broke out.

Sadly it was not to last long as she passed away, leaving him along with nothing but his grief and mother-in-law.

Mr. Willoughby and the goat

As time goes by and Claire becomes more desperate to get to Jamie, she takes matters into her own hands to convince Father Fogden to take her to the port. She talks to Mr. Coconut. Father Fogden wakes to hear Claire having a discussion with the coconut.

Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz, Image Acquired from Starz Media Room

Before Father Fogden can say anything, a scream from outside makes them both run  to see what has happened. One of Father Fogden’s goats was stolen and eaten in the night by a Chinaman. Beside themselves with grief and fear, both Father Fogden and his mother in law mourn their goat but Claire picks up on how it was a Chinaman.

She learns as much as she can about the people who stole their goat and Claire suddenly realizes that is was not just any Chinaman but Mr. Willoughby. While everything was going on with Claire, Jamie and the crew of the Artemis had run into trouble and had landed ashore to fix their mainsail.

Claire runs as fast she can to find them.

Mac Dugh’s wife pops up in the strangest of places

As Claire rushes as fast she can through the forest, Jamie is onshore with what remains of the crew fixing the mainsail after a storm claimed the lives of the captain and others. Claire pushes herself as hard and as fast as she can, desperate to reach Jamie before he sails away. Crashing through bushes and tree, she snags herself on a branch leaving a deep gash in her arm but even that can’t stop her.

Jamie and the men are making good progress on the sail and are paying homage to the ones they had lost. Claire reaches the beach but it is too late. She can see the ship but everyone has left the beach and are back on board. They are about to set sail, so Claire desperately tries to signal them by reflecting the sun off a piece of glass she had taken from Father Fogden earlier.

Back onboard the Artemis, Jamie is preparing to get them ready to go when he catches the light. With the use of a spyglass, he searches the shore and cries out, “Claire!”

Rowing back to shore the two run to each other and embrace. Mr Willoughby tends to Claire’s wound as Claire tells Jamie of everything that happened. The warrant for his arrest, what lies ahead in Jamaica and Father Fogden.

While they ponder their situation and what they must do next the men can’t help but notice that “Mac Dugh’s wife likes to pop up in random places?!?!”

“I don’t have the last name…”

After all the disaster, loss and the potential for more misery, Jamie wants nothing more than a happy moment. Explaining that he gave his blessing to Fergus and Marsali he admits that wouldn’t it be great to have a wedding. Claire looks at him knowingly and comments that she knows someone who can help with that.

Father Fogden is requested to perform the ceremony of Fergus and Marsali. A wedding like no other as Father Fogden mistook the groom for another, questioned whether he had a penis only for the bride to take charge and tell him to get a move on.

As Fergus gets set to say his vows he states his name, Fergus. Father Fogden asks what his full name is; he needs to know or he cannot perform the ceremony. Fergus awkwardly says that is his name, Fergus. Everyone looks at Fergus with both pity and uncertainty on what will happen next.

Suddenly Jamie calls out.

"“Fraser, his name is Fergus Claudel Fraser”"

The look exchanged between them spoke more than words, as Jamie and Claire look with pride at the once small pickpocket that they had always viewed as their son. Fergus looked back with a loving smile, getting confirmation of what he had always hoped to have.

Turtle soup

With Fergus and Marsali married and everyone back aboard the Artemis ready to set sail and get back to finding young Ian, Claire tucks into her first decent meal in days: turtle soup.

Overcome by the food and the sneaky bottle of sherry put in it, Claire seduces Jamie, not that he put up much of a fight. As they intimately embrace one another, a friendly knock at the door follows. Mr. Willoughby is wondering if Claire enjoyed the soup and would like some more. In a fit of a laughter, Jamie tries to be casual but nothing gets past Mr. Willoughby, as he leaves the two with a sneaky smile.

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