Vikings season 5 premiere recap: Ragnar’s son recover from the death of one of their own


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The Vikings season 4 finale finished with the death of one of Ragnar’s sons, and now it’s time for the others to move on.

Vikings season 5 wasted no time in picking up from the devastating end in the season 4 finale. Ivar remains unrepentant about Sigurd, despite his brothers anger and sadness. However, there is more to focus on. Bjorn has plans to sail back to the Mediterranean, Floki puts his life in the hands of the Gods, and Lagatha has a new enemy.

Ivar and his brothers remain in England

Despite not really being that repentant about his brother’s murder, Ivar manages to get his other brothers, Hvitserk and Ubbe, on side. Ubbe makes a comment that their father always wanted to do more than just raid, but Ivar wants to continue living the Viking way. Regardless of what they want to do, they need to move north and take the town of York (which should really be called Eoforwic and then Jorvick rather than York). This is a central point for the north of England, closer to the Danish coasts, and a powerful location to hold.

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Taking the town is relatively easy, despite losing one of their own men. Floki makes it clear that he has no intention of riding with them. He wants to head back out into the ocean, in a boat that is made for just one person to sail. After the death of Helga, he is putting his life and fate into the hands of the Gods.

The Vikings leave Wessex at the right time. Bishop Heahmund (Jonathon Rhys Meyers) has led his men to King Ecbert’s home. He’s shocked and angry at the things the “heathens” have done and vows to kill them all. However, there’s the slight issue of the promise of land. Luckily for Bishop Heahmund the promise of land is null and void. The land was never King Ecbert’s to give since he’d abdicated in favor of his son.

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King Aethelwulf hopes to find a home

After leaving home, King Aethelwulf and his men need to find somewhere more permanent. There’s danger, though, since Judith’s son Alfred is dying. One morning, Alfred leaves his bed and walks down the river, following a cloaked man. When he collapses in the river, Aethelwulf jumps into the water and rushes towards him in hope of saving him.

Alfred coughs up the water he has breathed in and admits that he had just seen his father. It’s unclear just what Aethelstan wants to show Alfred, but the young boy soon perks up and is no longer on his deathbed.

While back on the road, Aethelwulf runs into Bishops Heahmund’s men. They will work together to take down the Vikings.

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Lagethar refuses to marry again

The women are running Kattegat, but there are others who want her position. Harald continues his wish to become the king of all of Norway and that means taking over Kattegat. When he returns with news that Bjorn has gone off to the Mediterranean, Lagethar seizes the opportunity to have him arrested for the attempt to seize Kattegat previously.

While in chains, Harald offers to make Lagethar a deal. They can marry. That way he gets Kattegat without using force and Lagethar can become Queen of Norway. She’s not interested in this and makes that extremely clear. Torvi (who did survive the arrow at the end of the last season), Astrid, and Margrethe aren’t sure whether Lagethar has made the right decision. When Astrid angrily leaves the hall, she’s captured by some of Harald’s men. They’ve managed to release him from captivity, so they can all sail away.

Harald makes Astrid the offer of becoming his wife. She refuses, but with her now his prisoner that may not continue for long.

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Floki finds land

Finally, the focus was on Floki and his journey across the seasons. Ivar gives him items to help navigate the waters, but Floki throws them overboard. He wants to put his fate in the hands of the Gods.

Unfortunately, things don’t look to be positive for him. He runs out of wind and then has to navigate difficult waters. He initially pleads with the Gods, using how faithful he has always been, but then decides to pray to his Gods for safe passage. Eventually, he finds land but it’s nowhere he is used to.

As he climbs the mountains of the desolate land, he finds an active volcano. Does this suggest he’s landed at Iceland? Vikings leaves Floki as he wonders about his new location, too.

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The two-part Vikings season 5 premiere did its job of setting up the storylines for the season ahead. Will Lagethar keep her position as Queen of Kattegat? Can Ragnar’s sons learn to get along and trust each other? Where exactly is Floki?

Vikings continues on Wednesdays at 9/8c on History.