Knightfall Find Us the Grail recap: Another clue over the Holy Grail is found


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The continuation of the telling of the Knight Templar’s and their order continues with Knightfall Find Us the Grail as the search for the Grail continues.

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History Channels newest TV series continues with Knightfall “Find Us the Grail.” Landry and Parsifal search for the highwayman responsible for two brutal murders. Pope Boniface’s unexpected arrival in Paris threatens De Nogaret’s plans and the search for the grail continues.

Landry reflects on death and how the Templar’s, and any man of faith, view death as nothing more than a passage all must take and that it is not the end, therefore they do not fear death itself. A reflection which at this time is full of meaning after the loss of their grand Master Godfrey, who was more like a father to Landry than anything else.

Pope Boniface’s arrival

Pope Boniface’s arrival to Paris is marked by celebration and confusion. Under the assumption that he is here to pay his respects to the death of the Grand Master, he, in fact, comes for another reason. A clue to the whereabouts of the lost Holy Grail has surfaced and he has come to see it for himself.

Photo Credit: Knightfall/History Channel, Larry Horricks Image Acquired from A+E Networks Press Center

Upon witnessing this clue with his own eyes he tells Landry that they must discover if Godfrey had left any other and should begin with his personal items, but his body has not been brought back to the temple so for now, they must wait.

Boniface is due to make his way to see the King of France but before he does so, he anoints Landry as the new Grand Master in front of all the Templar Knights.

A decision must be made

The King of France, Phillip, has a difficult position to make. His daughter needs to be wed and he has two potential suitors both courting for her and the Kings affection. England and Catalonia, his daughter, Princess Isabella, would like nothing more than for her father to choose the Catalonian Prince. For they have sent many letters to one another expressing their love, but while the Kingdom of France would benefit from an alliance with Catalonia it would not benefit as much as one with England.

The Queen also wishes for her daughter to be wed to the Catalonian Prince, however, De Nogaret, who has his own agenda would like to see a marriage with England. Phillip decides to take the Pope’s unexpected arrival as a sign from God and seeks for his counsel on the matter. His excellence agrees to hear arguments from both sides and make the overall decision.

Parsifal seeks revenge

Under orders by the Templar’s Gawain, with the help of Parsifal set to resume the body of Godfrey and bring it back to the temple, however, someone has already taken it. Clearly, there is more to it over why Godfrey was killed and both Landry and Tancrede ride out to help find these highwaymen.

Photo Credit: Knightfall/History Channel, Larry Horricks Image Acquired from A+E Networks Press Center

But while Gawain waits for their arrival he needs to keep Parsifal from doing something stupid. Still in grief over the murder of his fiancée by the same highwaymen he wants to do nothing more than find them and kill them. Gawain attempts to reason with him by telling him that God will make them pay, to let God take action, not yourself.

Eventually, Landry and Tancrede arrive and the three make their plan to set out in pursuit of these men, Landry makes the point that they need to bring Parsifal along with them for he is the only one who truly knows what these men look like. Unfortunately, he has already taken off and in fear of him giving the highwayman a warning that the Templar’s are coming, Landry sets off after him, alone.

Godfrey is brought home

Parsifal leads Landry to a monastery that he believes the Highwayman will have travelled to. His hunch pays off as he finds their horses and immediately begins to search the grounds for them despite Landry telling him to wait.

In searching one of the buildings Parsifal hears a commotion coming from behind one the doors. He opens it, ready to strike down his potential enemy but is greeted by a horrific sight. Monk after monk lying dead on the floor with their throats slit open. Parsifal is so taken aback by the sight he doesn’t notice the highwayman coming up behind him and is almost killed if Landry didn’t get the jump on the man.

Photo Credit: Knightfall/History Channel, Larry Horricks Image Acquired from A+E Networks Press Center

The two question their new hostage on the location of Godfrey’s body and the other highwaymen. They learn that they are downstairs and immediately make their way to the location and find Godfrey’s body, about to be cut open.

Landry is about to jump into action when Parsifal gives their position away, he can see that his fiancée’s killer is not there and makes off in search elsewhere, leaving Landry to take them all on himself. He is doing fine but soon begins to struggle until Gawain and Tancrede arrive. The three, working together, fight off the remaining men successfully, but it was a close call for Gawain who almost saw the wrong end of a sword.

Parsifal eventually finds the man he is looking for but is unable to get him for his hostage he had taken earlier is now conscious and free. As the two fight with one another, the highwayman confesses that he had a hand in her death. This sends Parsifal over the edge and he kills the man by stabbing him in the mouth with a crucifix.

After all the fighting is done, they return Godfrey’s body to where it belongs, the Templar’s Temple.

The decision

De Nogaret, desperate to see a marriage with France and England take place sets things in motion to make that happen. For he knows that the Pope will choose Catalonia, for he has more to gain from that marriage. He enlists his assassins to murder the Pope, ensuring that a decision is never made.

Photo Credit: Knightfall/History Channel, Larry Horricks Image Acquired from A+E Networks Press Center

As the banquet arrives and gets underway there is no sign of the Pope arriving and everyone soon becomes concerned except for De Nogaret. The King is a considering on sending out a search party when, arriving fashionably late, Pope Boniface arrives, apologising for his tardiness.

He gets right to it and declares that the Princess is to wed the Prince of Catalonia, much to De Nogaret’s displeasure.


As Godfrey’s body is prepared to be laid to rest and his personal effects are searched for more clues of the Grail, Landry has a tough decision to make regarding Gawain. The once best swordsman of the Templar’s has become a liability.

Photo Credit: Knightfall/History Channel, Larry Horricks Image Acquired from A+E Networks Press Center

Landry puts to him that he had to ride without him earlier because he was not able to mount his horse and that Gawain also met his death today in the fight against the highwayman because of his injuries. Gawain is not pleased with what he is being told but Landry, now Grand Master has responsibilities and despite him being the one that Gawain saved causing his injury, must make the hard decision that Gawain can no longer be Knight.

The Discovery

De Nogaret, unhappy with how the events of the day went, discovers that even though he did not get the ally he wanted, Catalonia may not be someone to overlook. When presented with a gift from the ambassador he learns what had happened to his failed assassination attempt of the Pope. His assassins head was being chopped up and presented to him in the said gift.

Photo Credit: Knightfall/History Channel, Larry Horricks Image Acquired from A+E Networks Press Center

After inspecting Godfrey’s personal effects the Templar’s find no other clues to the location of the Holy Grail. There is, however, one place they haven’t looked which the highwayman were about to search before being stopped, inside Godfrey himself.

Landry doesn’t like the idea but the Pope, who has come to oversee the matter, overlooks the remark and tells him that this needs to be done. They cut open Godfrey’s body and when searching the insides of his stomach make a shocking discovery.

A key.

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