Vikings recap: Battle lines are drawn, sides are chosen


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Vikings season 5 is getting ready for battles on all sides, as sides are chosen in The Plan.

Vikings season 5 started as it meant to continue. The very first episode showed that it was all about battles and choosing sides. At first it was between Ragnar’s sons and the Saxons in England and Lagertha and Harald in Norway. “The Plan” shows that things aren’t always so simple.

With nobody else to turn to, Ubbe chooses Kattegat. After all, Margrethe is still there. However, will he choose to side with the woman who killed his mother? Meanwhile, Hvitserk starts to wonder whether he made the right choice to stay with Ivar.

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Bjorn learns more about the world

Bjorn Ironside has a dream of exploring the Mediterranean and that’s just what he’s doing. In “The Plan” he finally finds land; Sicily. This is after Sindric informs him that the Roman Empire isn’t what it once was. Sicily is the place of power right now, but Bjorn needs to pass off as a trader.

He gets to Game of Thrones’ Qarth, although as it’s Sicily the gates open for the Viking warriors to walk through. They get a strange welcome, as Euphemius draws his sword to attack. Bjorn reacts and overpowers Euphemius easily, earning him a welcome to the city.

It turns out Euphemius wants the Viking “traders” to be his bodyguards and is willing to pay well. Bjorn instantly agrees to this, becoming more and more like his father’s son. However, Bjorn and Halfdan start to question the things going on throughout the city, especially when it seems the entertainment, Kassia, may be working undercover for someone.

Things aren’t quite as they seem in Sicily. Euphemius isn’t the commander, but just a stand in. The real commander is in Cairo and talk of Africa interests Bjorn. He wants to see more of this world, although he and Halfdan make it clear they don’t trust Sindric.

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Astrid and Floki make decisions

Meanwhile, Floki has to decide his next move. He prays to the Gods, apologizing for pestering them with the prayers of a lowly boat-builder, but he wants their permission. Rather than living in this new place alone, he would like to head home and pick up people who would like to create a new home on this island.

With a clap of thunder, Floki understands that as permission and off he goes back into the ocean.

Astrid also has a decision to make. It’s time to decide whether she will become Harald’s bride. In the end, she decides that it’s better to be queen than dead, even if it does mean going against her friend and former lover. They marry, although it’s clear Astrid has something else planned.

Lagertha admits her weaknesses

Lagertha has never been one to make friends well, especially since gaining power. When Ubbe returns home, she decides to make a pact with him. She will side with him over the claim of the Great Heathen Army if he supports her claim to the throne. Ubbe isn’t certain at first, since it would mean working with the killer of his mother, but he agrees.

Margrethe isn’t happy with that idea (although is happy about not being shared between brothers anymore). She thinks Ubbe is the rightful ruler of Kattegat and it’s time for him to take it.

When Lagertha overhears Margrethe try to pull Tovi into a plan, Lagertha isn’t that surprised. She’s always had people working against her. However, she makes it clear that if Margrethe wants to be on her bad side then this is the way to do it. Margrethe rushes off in tears. Will this change Ubbe’s mind?

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Ivar and Heahmund face off again

Most of the focus of Vikings season 5 is in England. King Aethelwulf wants York back but he can’t attack with the few men he has left. He decides the best thing to do is return to Wessex and come back at a later date to deal with the Vikings. Bishop Heahmund doesn’t think that’s a good idea. After all, he’s had a vision of the Vikings’ bodies laying in the streets of York because of disease and starvation.

If they prevent the Heathens from getting food and water, everyone will die. Aethelwulf decides to go with Heahmund’s plan and it looks like it’s working.

However, inside York, it turns out Ivar knows what the Saxons are trying to do. He decides to burn meat to make it look like he’s burning the bodies of his own people. Hvitserk tries to understand Ivar’s mind, but Hvitserk is continually made to feel inadequate and useless. He’s already finished feeling like Ubbe’s pet and now he has to deal with the mocking from his younger, crippled brother. He turns to the Gods for help, but doesn’t get any answers just yet.

As tensions run high between Aethelwulf and Heahmund, they get word that the Vikings have left. York is now free for them to enter. Of course, they walk in with caution and get to the church, where all the animals currently reside. As Aethelwulf rejoices at the fact that the Vikings are gone, Heahmund has an important question: why are the rats above ground? This isn’t just one or two scavenging for food, but almost all the rats and it’s definitely not normal.

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Why are the rats above ground? What is Ivar’s plan? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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