Knightfall episode 4 recap: He Who Discovers His Own Self, Discovers God


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Landry searches for answers by visiting the past as Gawain searches for a murderer within the temple in Knightfall episode 4, ‘He Who Discovers His Own Self, Discovers God.’

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A murderer is amongst them. At the end of last week’s episode a Saxon, under the care of the Templar Knights was murdered. The Temple is locked down and no one is allowed in or out as they try to find the one who is responsible.

Landry holds a meeting to discuss the matter at hand. His outrage at what has happened however is not shared by his fellow brothers. Some feel that justice has been served. Saxons have killed many Templar Knights so many are looking at this as nothing more than vengeance being delivered for their fallen brothers.

Regardless, Landry points out that not only did he have information of value to them, but he was under the protection of the Temple. Something they should all uphold, regardless of their faith. He assigns the inquiry of the murder to brother Gawain.

Landry seeks out answers

After holding the meeting Landry sets off to seek out answers to another question elsewhere. He tells Tancrede that he recognised a mark on the Saxons arm but cannot recall where. Possibly from his childhood but he is not completely sure but thinks he can find the answer via an unconventional source.

Tancrede is hesitant at the idea and wishes to go with him but Landry insists that he should stay and watch over Gawain as he conducts the inquiry. He is certainly capable but anger can follow him quickly and he would like to not return to that anger being unleashed to some poor person.

A union is threatened

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The Princess of France and Prince of Catalonia’s wedding day approaches fast. De Nogaret is still not keen on the matter and neither is the ambassador of Catalonia after the Prince announced that Catalonia would support France with soldiers if a war between England broke out. So when an opportunity arises when the Prince’s mother arrives, they take steps to bring it to an end.

De Nogaret is aware that the two have been sleeping together despite them not being married yet. He knows that if it was to become common knowledge that the Princess of France was not a virgin anymore then she would become unsuitable to be married. He informs the ambassador of Catalonia who in turn informs the Prince’s mother.

Soon enough the Prince of Catalonia is being whisked away by her and the union between France and Catalonia is threatened. Catalonia does not want a princess who has lost her virtue prior to marriage and France is insulted by the idea itself. Desperate to try and fix this potential disaster Queen Joan of France asks what can be done. An examination of her virtue is demanded in order to discover the truth.

Gawain makes his inquiries

Photo Credit: Knightfall/History Channel, Larry Horricks Image Acquired from A+E Networks Press Center

Gawain begins to interview his fellow brothers and the list of potential suspects quickly begins to narrow. No fellow Knight would break his vow, regardless of his opinion of the Saxons, but the initiates are another matter. All the initiates’ whereabouts are accounted for except for one. When interviewed he apologies and admits that his whereabouts were unknown because he was stealing bread and grapes. He was just hungry, not committing murder. Unconvinced by the tale Gawain determines that it was him that committed the crime, all while under the watchful eye of Tancrede.

Landry visits his past

Landry finds who it is he is looking for who may be able to help him. A man who prays to the pagan gods rather than a Christian god, making the meeting a rather cautious one. Landry explains about the symbol he has seen and how he cannot remember why it is so familiar to him.

Unfortunately, it’s not a symbol the man recognises himself but he can aid in Landry remembering it himself. It involves methods not of the Christian faith however and Landry is sceptical but decides that he must make the necessary steps in order to learn the truth.

The two agree to conduct the pagan ritual that will allow Landry to revisit his past and discover what the symbol is that, for some reason, he has forgotten.

Parsifal is lured away

Working hard on becoming a Knight Templar himself, Parsifal has still not forgotten the man who is responsible for his fiancée death. Thoughts of vengeance still plague him and it is not helped in any way when his only possession to remind him of her is stolen.

Aware of whom it probably was who stole it he begins to track her down and in doing so discovers an underground hive filled with the Jewish community who were expelled from the city of Paris. Parsifal soon finds his pickpocket amongst them but unfortunately, he is too late. She has already pawned it off but offers to take him to who she sold it to.

The murderer confesses

In determining that was the young initiate to commit the murder of the Saxon, Gawain pushes for a confession from the initiate. Tied to a post and whipped he pleads his innocence. Gawain pushes harder for the confession and it is only until Tancrede steps in that the whipping actually stops.

Photo Credit: Knightfall/History Channel, Larry Horricks Image Acquired from A+E Networks Press Center

Exhausted and broken the initiate finally confesses that it was him that murdered the Saxon. Happy at the confession Gawain sentences him to be hanged at dawn for his crime. Tancrede moves closer to him and offers a drink.

Out of earshot from everyone else Tancrede whispers to him that he knows that he did not commit the crime. That he knows that he did see someone but will not say who it is. The initiate looks at him, unsure of what to say.

Gawain and Tancrede meet together privately in prayer. Gawain confesses of his surprise to learn that it was actually Tancrede who committed the crime. He asks him why he did it. Tancrede explains it was what the Saxon said about the Grail. That it would destroy them all.

He believes what he has said. That the Grail will bring them nothing but misery and death. No matter how many times they find it, God shall take it away and all that will be left is the destruction of the Templars. Gawain places Tancrede under arrest in wait for the Master of the Temple, Landry to return.

Princess Isabella is examined

In an effort to prove that her virtue is true, Princess Isabella is put through the humiliating and degrading examination of her body. In front of everyone, she is examined by the royal midwife to determine the truth.

De Nogaret is certain this will be the final act required for his plan to succeed. Once the princess fails the examination the union between Catalonia and France will be over and he will be able to implement his own plan.

The midwife finishes her examination and declares that her virtue is indeed, intact. King Philip and Queen Joan are joyous at the announcement but De Nogaret is more confused than outraged. He saw himself the two together and is not sure what has happened.

Philip makes it clear that this puts an end to any questions of the arrangement between France and Catalonia and that the wedding will now proceed as planned. Everyone agrees and begins to leave apart from Joan who has a quick and quiet word with the midwife. She informs her that their deal will be met now that she has held up to her side of the bargain.


As Parsifal is being led to the man who has his fiancee’s ring his guide can’t help but ask him what is so important about this ring. Parsifal explains who it belonged to and how she was brutally killed. That he thinks of the man who killed her almost every day. This story has a huge effect on Parsifal’s guide who has been hired by the very same man Parsifal spoke of to lure him out in the open.

Photo Credit: Knightfall/History Channel, Larry Horricks Image Acquired from A+E Networks Press Center

He wants Parsifal dead as he is only who has seen his face. No witnesses can be left behind making Parsifal essentially a walking dead man. However, his guide has a change of heart at the last minute and tells Parsifal what is going on.

At first, Parsifal is desperate to run and face his fiancée’s murderer but is soon talked down. There are just too many men waiting for him to fight who will; ultimately kill him. They decide to leave before they are discovered.

Landry learns the truth

While taking a dive back into his past, Landry relives the events of how he met his master, Godfrey. When he was a young boy living nuns in a convent Godfrey had called in on his travels to Jerusalem. Shortly after his departure a man came looking for him and began killing everyone in the convent in search of Godfrey. Young Landry flees so that he can find warn him of what has happened.

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The warning does little to no good however as they both are found the very next day by this individual. He wants the grail that Godfrey is carrying and is willing to kill for it. Godfrey tells Landry to run and take the grail with him as he holds him off. Landry runs as fast as his little legs will carry him but is soon caught up by the attacker who has managed to overpower Godfrey.

He catches Landry and is about to kill him when a crossbolt fly’s into the attackers back. Godfrey managed to catch up and stop him in the nick of time. Landry is asked to bring the box containing the grail. He opens it to show that the attacker was chasing nothing more than a box filled with sand as he had the Grail hidden elsewhere. Godfrey just needed to come back for his newly appointed squire .

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The two leave the attacker behind and make the long road to Jerusalem together. It is in this final part of the journey that Landry finally learns where he had seen the mark. A mysterious brotherhood had lain, in the middle of the desert, in wait for them. They approached the two holding out an orange and speaking something that Landry did not understand. Then he awoke.

His pagan friend looked shocked and stunned at what he was hearing Landry speak. For he knew what the words meant;

"“He Who Discovers His Own Self, Discovers God”"

He also knows who it is that speaks these words and explains to Landry who he is dealing with.

A declaration is made

As the possibility of the breakdown between France and Catalonia is adverted De Nogaret is unsettled on what to do next. He paces his office deep in thought when he is interrupted by Princess Isabella. Distraught and angry at the day’s events she confesses to De Nogaret that she no longer wishes to marry the Prince.

She cannot marry someone who told everyone what they had done. Had her subjected to such humiliation. She pleads with De Nogaret to find a way to end the marriage. De Nogaret contemplates what to do when there is a sharp knock on the door by his assistance. A matter of urgency requires his attention, immediately.

De Nogaret excuses himself and follows his assistant outside the castle to what awaits him. A horse, decapitated. A gift from England and a declaration of war.

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