Hell’s Kitchen exclusive: Jennifer makes a deal with the devil

Photo Credit: Hell's Kitchen/Fox Image Acquired from Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Hell's Kitchen/Fox Image Acquired from Fox Flash /
Hell's Kitchen
Photo Credit: Hell’s Kitchen/Fox Image Acquired from Fox Flash /

As Season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen continues, Jennifer looks to keep her enemies closer when she makes a shocking pact with a fellow competitor.

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It must be a cold day in Hell… or the Hell’s Kitchen dorms that is… because never in a million years would we have predicted Season 9 All-Stars Jennifer Normant and Elise Harris joining forces and making a secret pact to take down their competitors!

This Friday night, Season 17 Hell’s Kitchen kicks off the new year with an episode that finds Chef Ramsey looking to challenge the remaining All-Stars’ business running skills by teaching them how to stretch a buck and flip a dollar. Hoping to see which of the remaining chefs have the ability to make the most of the resources they have in order to turn a profit, Chef Ramsey challenges the All-Stars with making the most profitable pasta dish with a budget of $20 and 10 minutes to gather their ingredients.

The challenge is one that has the potential to land several chef’s on the chopping board, but this week’s challenge likely won’t be the thing fans are talking about on social media by the hour’s end.

Despite a strong dislike for one another and several blowups already this season – on top of their history  – Episode 11, “Trying to Pasta Test,” finds an unlikely alliance formed between Chef Jennifer and Chef Elise.

Unsure of where she stands in the competition and knowing that Elise is a strong competitor, Jennifer decides it’s in her best interest to team up with Elise in order to use their strengths to bring down the All-Stars they consider to be the weakest links on their team. Or as Jennifer puts it in the closing moments from our exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s new episode it’s best to be on Elise’s good side even if it means making a deal with the devil.

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Don’t miss a new episode of Hell’s Kitchen this Friday, Jan. 5, at 8/7c only on Fox! 

Are you surprised by Jennifer’s decision to make a pact with Elise to take down their fellow competitors? Do you think the pact will last or will Jennifer end up being burned in the end? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in this Friday to find out whether their pact does either chef any good heading into the elimination.