Steven Universe recap: Space Adventure

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Steven and Connie go to space in a Steven Universe  double header. 

If there was any major complaint to be had with the last batch of Steven Universe episodes that Cartoon Network back in October online, it was that there was a staggering lack of Lars, even while acknowledging that the episodes were far more interested with a mix of a holding pattern and dealing with the fallout of Steven giving himself up and going to Homeworld.

It was a bit of a wait, but this has finally been remedied.

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On “Lars of the Stars,” Steven and Connie are going to visit Lars on Homeworld. They have no idea what to expect. The last time that Steven saw Lars, he was hiding in a cave with the Off Colors, hoping not to get discovered by the Diamonds.

Using the pathway between Lion’s mane and Lars’ hair, they travel to where he is now, which is a spaceship, apparently. Hold up, a spaceship? Say what now? What kind of shenanigans are you up to now Lars?

Not only are Lars and the Off Colors on board this spaceship, but Lars has been made captain of this fine interstellar vessel. Captain?!

More than that, too, Steven and Connie have found themselves in the middle of a battle between Lars and a gem called Emerald, whose ship this actually belongs to.

It turns out that in the time since Steven left Lars on Homeworld, he has gotten himself into quite a lot of mischief, mostly aimed at humiliating Emerald. It does make one wonder exactly how much time has passed since Lars “died” on Homeworld. Has it just been a manner of weeks or something considerably longer.

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Theoretically, depending on the physics and orbit of Homeworld, time could move differently than that of Earth, allowing for a longer time for Lars in comparison to Steven’s. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Lars has been with the Off Colors for many months.

Lars quickly taunts Emerald before speeding off to another sector away from her. Now with a free moment where he doesn’t have to keep up the facade of Starship Captain Lars, he takes a beat to catch up with Steven, who hands him a care package from his family.

He’s touched at some of the things that his parents sent him and that leads his mind back to something obvious: Sadie.

Lars asks about her and Steven regales him with how she’s become friends with the Cool Kids and joined their band. Steven hands Lars his phone, showing him pictures of her performing in the band and looking genuinely happy.

Lars is transfixed staring at the photos as the ship’s forward display lights up with warnings. Emerald is fast approaching them and will be on them soon. Lars is too focused on Sadie. He feels betrayed that she is having fun without him; that she got in with the Cool Kids before he could. He’s convinced that this is how she’s decided to get back at him for everything he’s ever done wrong to her.

The Off Colors need orders on how to deal with Emerald, but Lars is too distracted thinking of Sadie to truly notice. Steven and Connie assure him that this isn’t a ploy of hers to get revenge on him. They tell him how miserable she was without him, how she was worried and quit the Big Donut just to make herself better.

Because life moves on, whether we want it to or not.

Likewise, Connie reminds him that he’s not hiding in a cave on Homeworld anymore. He’s on a spaceship, fighting for freedom with new friends, none of which having anything to do with trying to hurt Sadie.

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Lars realizes they’re right: Like Sadie, he’s just doing what he has to to survive. He wouldn’t hurt her and trails saying “because.” Steven and Connie finish his subtext, saying that they’re best friends (but, c’mon, we know what because really means) and grabs each other’s hand, fusing into Stevonnie.

As they do, Emerald’s warship appears in front of the ship. Lars surveys it, noting that the weapons are more than capable of destroying them if she really wanted to.

Emerald appears on screen and declares that she aims to destroy them. As the transmission cuts, Lars, with a smirk to boot, orders the crew to lower the shields. Hesitantly, they do, but no one is sure why, even Stevonnie.

Emerald’s ship opens fire, but only grazed them, merely knocking out the shields and weapons.

Emerald, furious, appears back on screen and demands to know what Lars is up to. Lars reveals that he knew she wouldn’t destroy the ship, because she loves it. The ship is her best friend. She agrees, but also threatens to takes out their thrusters so they can’t jump away.

They feel trapped. Lars suggest using “that.” The Off Colors are horrified by the thought of using it, but they don’t have any choice. Turns out, “that” is a fighter jet that only he knows how to fly. Lars wants to use it to take out Emerald’s cannons while they fix their shields and weapons.

Stevonnie offers to go in his place for this mission. Lars accepts.

Stevonnie jumps into the cockpit and is amazed to find that it is exactly like a car with an automatic stick lever. They launch and flies at Emerald’s ship and takes out the cannon. As they do, it knocks the fighter out and they crash to the moon below.

On “Jungle Moon,” Stevonnie’s ship is crashing to the moon. Everything that could be going wrong with the ship is going wrong and the ship breaks apart as it crashes onto the surface. Luckily, Stevonnie is safe in their bubble and land somewhat softly onto the planet.

Stevonnie surveys the planet, which is equipped with the same kind of colorful weirdness that has so often inhabited Steven Universe. They head off, determined to find the ship’s radio so they can signal their location to Lars to pick them up.

They soon find the cockpit with the radio, but it’s too badly busted to work. They almost lose themselves, unsure of what to do next, bringing back memories of their emotional journey during “Mindful Education” and how far their inner stability has come since then.

As they’re trying to figure out what to do, a small alien jumps out and tries to attack them. Stevonnie swiftly cuts it in half, but thankfully it regrows its other half and slinks back into the jungle.

With the knowledge now that life can survive on this planet, Stevonnie sets out to find food and last long enough for Lars to find them. Presumably, hours go by and Stevonnie builds a shelter and shaves off some scruff that’s grown on their chin. This is very likely the longest they’ve stayed fused for, making this an interesting development in the continued look of their fusion.

They quickly run out of energy bars and decide to hunt for food on the moon. They try to kill an alien, but won’t on account of how cute they find it. As they debate whether or not to go through with it, the alien’s giant mother appears behind them and attacks. They run away from it and hide in a Gem structure nearby that looks vaguely familiar to them.

Finally having a semblance of peace, they fall fast asleep and begin dreaming.

In the dream, they are tiny and laying on Connie’s carpet. Connie’s comparatively giant mother emerges on the phone berating a subordinate. Stevonnie tries to get her attention, but is continuously unsuccessful.

Subtly, the voice of Connie’s mother changes to that of Patti Lupone’s Yellow Diamond. The room changes and Stevonnie is now standing in a Gem control room and Connie’s mom has been integrated with Yellow’s giant look. Stevonnie tries to get her attention and wants to know what she’s doing. Yellow tells them she’s commanding a drop ship to go down to the planet below.

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Yellow counters that they can do that when they have their own colony. Stevonnie whines that they want their own colony with an army to control, that they’re just as important as her. Yellow criticizes that they’re not acting like it, but calls them “Pink.”

Stevonnie sulks away and stands in front of a mirror. Reflecting back is the image of a young Pink Diamond, who smashes the mirror in anger and frustration.

Stevonnie wakes up, startled. Why were they dreaming of Pink Diamond. Steven has often had powers of extreme empathy, like being connected to Blue’s emotions, but even he’s never had a dream like this one before where he’s reliving someone’s memories, especially a dead person’s.

They decide to explore the structure and realize that not only is this like the base on Earth’s moon, but this is the same one from the dream. Excited, Stevonnie runs to the control seat and activates the radio and is quickly able to contact Lars with their location.

Right on cue, the alien’s mother is back, trying the crack the glass dome above them. Lars flies in above it and fires the blasters at it, scaring the alien away.

Relieved, Stevonnie leaves the structure, ready to head back home through Lars’ head.