Exclusive interview: Isabel Oliver Marcus talks her guest starring role on ‘This Is Us’


Fans remember the red-haired girl that Randall Pearson was dating when he was younger. There is even a chance that she had something to do with Jack Pearson’s death. She was there for Randall to lean on when he found out the news of his father’s passing This Is Us Crying just got the chance to talk to Isabel Oliver Marcus in an exclusive interview and get a few details about her role on the show.

Were you excited when This Is Us asked you to come back again?

"I knew when I auditioned that it would be a recurring role, so it wasn’t a surprise when they called me back. But those couple of months between when I shot 201 and when they called me in for the next episode were difficult! I was afraid that I had messed up and the wouldn’t want me back, or they had totally changed the direction. I was so relieved when they did that I danced around the house like crazy and got my dog all riled up. My mom was…amused."

Can you tease a little bit about what the fans can expect from your return?

"Expect cute, which is one of the many things this show does well. We’ll get to see a little more history, and she gets to be part of the Pearsons’ biggest struggle, since of course, she’s around after Jack’s death, as we saw in my first episode. However, even I don’t know all of where it’s going. The writers are so amazing, they’ve probably had some genius plan all along, but they haven’t shared it. I can’t help speculating about what will happen to her. Maybe they break up when he goes to college? Maybe she has to move away? Maybe she’s abducted by aliens? There is one huge thing I know will happen: Randall’s mystery redhead will get a name."

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Obviously, your character won’t be who Randall ends up marrying, but do you know if you will be around a while?

"No idea! I certainly hope so! It’s hard to fathom how incredible it is that this is my break-in role. It’s such an amazing cast, crew, and production, and to be around for a while longer would be an amazing opportunity. And although we obviously don’t end up together, as I told Susan Kelechi Watson, I will always be the OG."

What other shows or movies are you working on right now?

"You know, it’s the beginning of pilot season now, so hopefully, there will be a flood of projects coming my way. I’m still in high school right now, with all my classes online, so I’m trying to wrap that up in time to grab hold of new opportunities. I will say, I’m very excited for the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid that Disney has announced. I’ve been getting back into singing— I was in a musical theater program for my first two years of high school —so that when they start casting Ariel, I’ll be ready."

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