The Good Doctor Island part 2 recap: Dr. Shaun Murphy’s game plan does not go as planned

Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media /
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media /

The Good Doctor Island part 2 continues with Dr. Shaun Murphy returning to St. Bonaventure hospital from his time on the road.

The Good Doctor returns with its second episode of the two-part episode series, “Island part 2.”  Shaun decides to make a life-changing decision, Melendez faces a tough decision and Kalu takes a different approach to seeking out employment.

Last week in “Island part 1,” we met the twins, Jenny and Katy. Conjoined at the head they had first undergone a liver transplant, where one was giving their liver to the other. Unfortunately, due to complications after the transplant surgery, their planned separation surgery was brought forward in a hope it would solve the complications from the first surgery.

At the end of the episode, neither of the twins had woken up yet despite Melendez insisting that they should have done so by now.

The Good Doctor Island part 2           

Jenny is finally awake and appears to have normal brain function but Katy is not. She is still in a coma and no one can figure out why as she displays all the same functions as Jenny. The only difference is that Jenny is now awake and Katy is not.

Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media /

Dr. Shaun Murphy finally turns up from his trip with Lea and is eager to get started. Melendez is not happy that he has just wandered in and is even less happy when he learns that Dr. Glassman has been covering for Shaun.

Melendez sends Shaun and Dr. Claire Browne to run several tests on Katy to try and figure out what is wrong. They soon find the problem. A blockage within one of her veins leading to her brain.


During the examination, Dr. Glassman finally manages to catch up with Shaun. He learned that he was back in the hospital after Melendez confronted him over the fact that he had been covering for Shaun. The two have a discussion over where Shaun had been and why he had run away. Glassman, happy that he is back, asks Shaun if the road trip help.

Shaun replies that it did and that he would like to give his two-week notice.

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Kalu changes tactics

Dr. Jared Kalu learned last week that despite his best efforts he was not getting his job back. Dr. Marcus Andrews informed him that he had a crossed a line that he could not ignore. Kalu is still determined to get his job back however and has switched tactics; he is suing the hospital for wrongful termination.

Game plan number 1

Now that they know what is going on with Katy it’s time to come up with a game plan. It’s not an easy thing to do due to the nature of her complications but Shaun comes up with a game plan that not only is viable but lands him the assist position.

He then chooses this moment to ask Melendez for a letter of recommendation.

The game plan doesn’t quite work though. It was a good idea but soon after implanting the idea they had to abort as Katy became unstable and almost suffers a stroke. They are back to the square one.

Sophie’s choice

Despite Jenny being awake her condition is not perfect. Her heart is suffering and unable to do the job it needs to do. She most likely requires a heart transplant but getting one within the time frame is unlikely.

Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media /

That is until Shaun points out they already have the perfect candidate, Katy. Technically she is breathing but only via a ventilator. If it was turned off she would slowly slip away and then her heart could be given to Jenny.

They just need to get their mother to give consent. A choice no mother wants to be given. She does eventually agree in the end to switch off Katy’s machine, but on one condition, Jenny is never to know.


Kalu’s lawsuit fully comes to light. He is claiming that his termination was based on race. Those other doctors, who had done equally or much worse actions had only been given a warning whereas Kalu was fired because of his skin.

The hospital’s position is they were not fired because the doctors in question were good at what they did. It’s not really a better defense; we didn’t fire them because they made us money. The decision is made to settle with Kalu and put this to bed.

Not ready

Katy’s ventilator is turned off. Her mother is present for the procedure and says goodbye to her daughter. Katy has other ideas however and is not ready to go as the moment the ventilator was turned off; she began to stabilize, albeit still in a coma.

Game plan number 2

Although Katy has stabilized herself after the ventilator was turned off it hasn’t improved the odds for either of the twins. In fact it may now be worse. Jenny still has no heart and Katy is still in a coma, and in this new state, her heart is now unviable for donation.

They all try and think what it is they can do when Shaun comes up with game plan number 2. They reattach the twins. But not at the head, this time they would be attached to the thigh, that way they would share the same blood and share the work in staying alive.

Melendez can’t help but point out they spent over 40 hours separating them but is on board with the idea.

After convincing Jenny of the plan, the surgery eventually gets underway. It’s a successful surgery and vitals are stabilizing for both the twins. For now, everything is looking good.

Glassman’s Signature

Glassman needs to sign off on Shaun’s letter of recommendation written by Melendez. He is unsure what to do and is obviously tempted to convince him not to go through with this. But that is exactly why Shaun wants to go.

He wants to live his own life, not have Dr. Glassman make every decision for him. Glassman realises this after Claire gives him some kind advice. He signs the letter but tells Shuan that he would really like it he if didn’t go, but understands if he did.

Katy wakes

Despite all the odds, Katy finally wakes up. Everyone makes their best suggestion of what has done it but in truth, they really do not know. But Katy is awake and that is all that matters for now.

They are not out of the woods yet however as Jenny still needs that heart transplant. Tests are ordered to see where they go from here.

Kalu’s offer

Kalu is given an offer. A huge offer by the sounds of it but he is not interested. He wants one thing and one thing only, his job. He instructs his lawyer to keep at it. He doesn’t money he wants his job back.


The results are back and it’s not good. Jenny is killing Katy, the reattachment has had the opposite effect to what they wanted. They need to separate them before they lose the both of them. As they get them both into the surgery room Jenny suddenly goes into cardiac arrest, her heart has failed.

She doesn’t make it. Katy is now stable but Jenny is gone. Claire informs their mother what has happened. She also explains that they need her help. Katy does not want to be separated from her sister.

Their mother is brought in the room to speak To Katy. She sweetly talks to her and tells her that she needs to say goodbye and let her go, for she cannot bear to lose another child.

Kalu returns but is not welcome

Kalu’s tactics have paid off. He is back at St Bonaventure hospital. But Dr. Andrews is far from happy at his reappointment. He is disgusted that Kalu used race as leverage for getting his job back. Reminding him that race had nothing to do with his termination and he is fully aware of that.


It’s the end of the day and Glassman is finishing up when there is a knock on his office door. Shaun walks in and announces that he has spoken to Claire. He then returns the letter of resignation to Dr. Glassman and leaves without another word.

Shaun has withdrawn his notice.

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The Good Doctor returns, Monday, Jan 22, 10/9c on ABC.

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