Wayward Sisters is the spinoff Supernatural fans need


Dean and Sam were saved from The Bad Place on ‘Supernatural,’ but the backdoor pilot for ‘Wayward Sisters’ proved there are plenty of stories to tell.

For Supernatural fans, Wayward Sisters has been a long time coming – a spinoff worthy of Supernatural that appreciates the history of the 13-year show. Rather than trying to push an idea into the Supernatural world, which happened last time a backdoor pilot was attempted, Wayward Sisters is the show that Supernatural fans wanted and needed.

While some of the characters are similar to those in the Supernatural world like Claire being a near clone of Dean down to the broodiness and death wish, the best part of Wayward Sisters is the bonds between the women.

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They trust each other. They have each other’s back. They listen to each other. Jody and Donna are the protectors of the younger women, and my heart breaks for Jody as she worries about Claire and Alex.

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“I cannot lose another child,” Jody said as she considered going through the portal to save Sam and Dean. “If I don’t, (Claire) will.”

Jody worries more about Claire because she’s crisscrossing the country hunting monsters. She does it with a sadistic joy and a gleam in her eye as she ices the killers. The Wayward Sisters Supernatural episode kicked off with Claire killing a werewolf and saving a young girl. Then, the writers gave a little nod to the original Supernatural pilot.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW, Dean Buscher Image Acquired from CWTVPR
Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW, Dean Buscher Image Acquired from CWTVPR /

Jody called Claire to ask her to come home because Dean and Sam went on a hunting trip and they haven’t heard from then in a while. That’s reminiscent of Dean getting Sam in college when looking for their father John Winchester all those years ago.

Thankfully, the chase to find them doesn’t take as long as it did to find John. The six women – Jody, Donna, Claire, Alex, Kaia and Patience – found the door leading to other dimension. Claire and Kaia went through and rescued Sam and Dean from being dinner to what looked like King Kong.

But it didn’t come without loss. Kaia was stabbed in The Bad Place and what seemed like her dead body was left on the other side. Claire and Kaia formed a friendship in the short time they knew each other and felt her loss deeply, crying in Jody’s arms.

This moment is significant because Patience, a psychic, saw this moment happen, but misread her vision. She thought Claire had died in Jody’s arms, but what she witnessed was the aftermath of Kaia’s death. Kaia’s death gave Claire clarity, seeing the world through Jody’s eyes.

“I get why you are the way you are with me,” Claire told Jody.

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With all the times we saw Jody throughout the years in Supernatural, it could be easy to forget that Jody lost her husband and child to a monster. She seems relatively put together considering she knows about all the terrible things in the world.

Jody will have to be too. She is the lynchpin that will hold this group together. But while it’s family and sisterhood that will drive a potential spin-off, the catalyst is Kaia’s death and Claire’s desire for revenge. Claire is sticking around Sioux Falls to chase after the humanoid that killed Kaia in The Bad Place.

Wait until she learns it was Alternate Universe Kaia doing the dirty work.

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