Dakota Fred on Gold Rush: White Water, rejoining the Discovery family & more – INTERVIEW

Photo Credit: Gold Rush: White Water/Discovery Channel Image Acquired from Discovery Channel PR
Photo Credit: Gold Rush: White Water/Discovery Channel Image Acquired from Discovery Channel PR /

Ahead of the series premiere of Discovery Channel’s newest original series Gold Rush: White Water, star Dakota Fred previews his return to the Discovery family and what’s to come this season!

Years after parting ways with Discovery Channel’s hit series Gold Rush, Dakota Fred and his son Dustin are making their way back to the Discovery family via the network’s newest original series Gold Rush: White Water, which finds them at the heart of the action while mining one of Alaska’s wildest creeks.

Through Gold Rush: White Water, the Dakota Boys step into the spotlight as they go where no miner has ever managed to go before: the depths  of the freezing plunge polls in white water rapids which have only recently become accessible. With a team of intrepid divers, mountaineers and bush mechanics assembled, the Dakota Boys and their team will stop at nothing in their quest to strike gold!

As Discovery Channel prepares to roll out its newest series, we caught up with star Dakota Fred to discuss his return to the Gold Rush franchise and what fans can expect from Discovery’s new series Gold Rush: White Water!

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Hidden Remote: What has it been like rejoining the Discovery Channel family and stepping back in front of the camera? 

Dakota Fred: It’s like riding a bicycle. We don’t forget how to do it. I’m comfortable in front of the camera. I’m a real guy. I think people can sense that – when I’m talking I’m giving my real feelings.

Hidden Remote: You stepped away from Gold Rush after Season 4, so can you talk us through your decision to return to the franchise all these years later via Gold Rush: White Water

Fred: I had a rough time in the early parts of Gold Rush. Basically I was spending more money than making by entertaining millions. We were doing something that was incredibly different — especially than what other people have done. Discovery came and asked if they could follow us and that’s what we did. It’s exactly what we hoped for.

Hidden Remote: How has it been working alongside Dustin on this venture; a venture which could very well prove to be make or break for you and your family?

Fred: Working with Dustin is the relationship you tend to see with many fathers and sons; mothers and daughters; brother and sisters. Sometimes they don’t always get along, but you come to an agreement in the long run. They’ll work out.

Many times on the show there will be conflict between everyone on the crew and me.  I’ll say that for sure. It was a difficult job – physically demanding. Quite an effort just to get to the job. I disagreed with a number of things Dustin wanted to do, but he was trying to assert his leadership. And we were working on his claims so he wanted to take charge and have that responsibility. I knew he wasn’t going to do what I asked him to do. These are some of the conflicts you’ll see in the program and see how they got resolved. Or not!

Gold Rush: White Water
Photo Credit: Gold Rush: White Water/Discovery Channel Image Acquired from Discovery Channel PR /

Hidden Remote:  And how have you gotten along with the rest of your team – your divers, mountaineers and bush mechanics?

Fred: The rest of the team and I got along quite well. There were things being done – like the interference with Dustin, which was part of the problem. But it was a real collaboration in the end. I got along great with the crew – I’ve been working with the Texas boys for years. They don’t always agree with me, but they don’t always speak up at times either. On the crew, there is one in particular I think people will enjoy. His name is Carlos, and he’s a commercial diver. He has a personality that will win people over — guaranteed

Hidden Remote: Looking at the season ahead, what can you tease about the debut season of the show and what can fans look forward to?

Fred: Fans can look forward to seeing Alaska. It’s exactly what you’d envision Alaska to be. They take advantage of all the scenery it has to offer. It’s spectacular and we’re right smack dab in the middle of it. I always tease the Gold Rush people, saying you left Porcupine Creek. But we kept all the scenery! We’re in canyons with steep walls and raging water. I mean, just getting to work every day is an ordeal. Then there is the mining and getting in the water. It’s going to make people cringe. They’re going to grit their teeth and look away. People will just love it for the stuff we’re doing. Because it’s a show about how to gold mine – or maybe at times, how NOT to.

Hidden Remote: Is there any particular moment from the season you’re looking forward to fans seeing and reacting to?

Fred: Absolutely, there is a moment – it’s smack dab in the middle – which has to do with a certain gal in my life. And I’m looking forward to seeing that.

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Hidden Remote: As we wrap things up, is there anything else you’d like to add or touch upon? Perhaps final words to fans such as what you hope they take away from their viewing experience?

Fred: Yes, I would like to tell people no matter what they’re doing, just be good at it.  If you aren’t enjoying something you need to find something that you do. For you old guys, get your butt off the damn couch. And get away from the TV – except when watching Gold Rush: White Water. The couch is the most dangerous thing to the old people. I hope to be an inspiration. And for the young people, I hope they’ll admire everyone’s persistence.

Don’t miss the series premiere of Gold Rush: White Water tonight, Jan. 19, at 10/9c only on Discovery Channel!