The Good Doctor episode 13 recap: Dr. Shaun Murphy thinks he has found a terrorist

Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media /
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media /

Has Dr. Shaun Murphy discovered a terrorist in St Bonaventure hospital or has he gotten this one extremely wrong in The Good Doctor Episode 13, “Seven Reasons”?

It’s a fresh adjustment for Dr. Shaun Murphy as he returns to work without being able to say morning to his neighbor Lea and without his morning breakfast with Dr. Glassman. An adjustment he wanted but one that will take some time to get familiar with.

It’s all go for Dr. Claire Brown as a father is brought into the hospital after his young son found him unconscious as a result of a stroke. Shaun and Dr. Jared Kalu are working with Dr. Andrews who has a patient that has suffered burns to her arms due to a grease fire.


A boring case for the two at first which Shaun can’t help but point out until their patient suddenly appears to have a heart attack. Her vitals are perfectly normal however making it suddenly much more interesting for Shaun’s liking.

Claire learns that Dr. Coil is no longer working in the hospital which is a great thing until she learns that he was transferred and given a raise. Understandably she is not keen on this and confronts Allegra on the matter.

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It’s not great news as she discovers that there was very little choice in the matter. It was the best possible solution as Claire has no evidence of her accusations and after Kalu assaulted him it left them with very little room for arguments.

Dr. Melendez is brought in to exam Shaun and Kalu’s patient to see if she inhaled any smoke, causing the potential symptoms of the heart attack. Shaun is bit sceptic of the patient however as her story of what happened doesn’t appear to add up. Regardless the investigative surgery goes ahead. They find no evidence of smoke inhalation but unfortunately puncture her bronchitis during the procedure. A very big mistake for any doctor, never mind Dr. Melendez.


Shaun decides to pay a visit to Dr. Glassman after the surgery as he believes he should report Dr. Melendez for puncturing the patient’s bronchi. He believes that Melendez may have been distracted due to his recent breakup with fiancée Jessica and should possibly not be operating.

Claire’s patients gets much worse and needs further surgery but it comes with added risks. They discuss the options with his wife and after explaining all the risks ask for her consent. She decides not to give her consent, giving her reason that he would not want to be turned into a vegetable, that he should be allowed to die in peace.

Shaun eventually shares his pancakes with someone, Claire. The two eat and discuss the topic of lying. Shaun is curious why people lie to each other and Claire goes through a whole list of reasons. She then discusses her current patient and what is going.

Shaun suddenly clicks that her patient is lying. Or might be lying. Explaining that she may not be letting him die out of love and that it might be for a completely different reason. For if you love someone so much you will do anything for them.


Jessica has the difficult task of having to investigate Melendez after Shaun’s accusations. Something neither is very comfortable with after breaking up. Jessica makes it known to Melendez that she is bringing in outside counsel due to a conflict of interest.

After speaking to Shaun about her patient, Claire decides to pay another visit to her patient’s wife to see if she can maybe get that consent. However, Claire has her suspicions of what might be happening which prove to be correct fairly quickly.

She does not love her husband at all and wants him to die. He has abused her and been violent to her and she is hoping that he does not wake. Claire understands her reasoning and tries to convince her that even though she fully understands, this is certainly not the way to do things. It falls on deaf ears, she leaves empty-handed.

The answer to all of the mysterious symptoms of Shaun and Kalu’s patient has finally been discovered. Ethanol, lots of contact with ethanol. It accounts for the burning, internal symptoms etc. Kalu points out that she is a Muslim and doesn’t drink, Melendez is sceptical at his reasoning but it is better than Shaun’s who suggests she is either a teacher or a terrorist.


Despite Claire’s best interest, she has managed to land herself in a difficult position. Her care is to her patient, not the wife. After determining the true relationship between the husband and wife Claire no longer needs consent as the wife will not be acting in her patients best interest, despite his actions. She secures the consent and, putting her personal feelings aside, prepares for surgery.

Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Eike Schroter Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media /

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Shaun, despite being told not to by Melendez, makes the statement to his patient that her symptoms could be related to her making chemical weapons. She is anything but pleased but is especially surprised that it is Shaun that makes the accusation. But, before she can argue her case she begins to suffer an actual heart attack this time and needs immediate treatment.

With the combined effort of Kalu, Shaun and Melendez the three eventually figure out why their patient is repeatedly getting worse. A combination of the chemicals along with the medication she has been given has steadily made her deteriorate. They need to switch tactics and it is one of two possibilities, the problem being if they choose the wrong one their patient will die.


Surgery does not completely go to plan for Claire after getting the consent she requires. More aneurysms are found and they soon discover the reason why, he has not been taking his meds. Blame immediately shifts to the wife as she clearly has a motive for him to die. She, however, makes it clear she could not do such a thing. The penny suddenly drops, the son knows more than mom realised.

Kalu delivers the new medication under the watchful eye of Shaun. At first, vitals are normal but they begin to rise and Kalu soon decides that the wrong meds have been delivered. He decides to switch to the other set before it is too late. Shaun slightly hesitates at this sudden decision but Kalu tells him that it is all on him.

His reasoning was sound and by the next day, their patient has almost made a full recovery. Shaun is still certain she is a terrorist but she explains that she makes perfume. That is why she uses the chemicals. She is able to prove it as well by giving Shaun a sample of some of the perfume she has made. He accepts this and leaves happily.


As the team wrapup, Claire discovers that during the final surgery of her patient, both mother and son have left. Her son confessed that he was the one tampering with his father meds as he always knew what was happening to her. This, being the motivator the mother needed, picks up and leaves without a trace during the surgery, something Claire is ok with.

Kalu learns that a new resident is about to join the team very soon and Shaun attempts to convince Glassman to meet him for pancakes the next day. Something which Glassman is unsure of doing after Shaun asked for some space. Before Glassman can give him his answer, Shaun leaves the office, upset.

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