Lethal Weapon: Double Shot of Baileys recap

Photo Credit: Lethal Weapon/Fox, Darren Michaels Image Acquired from Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Lethal Weapon/Fox, Darren Michaels Image Acquired from Fox Flash /
Lethal Weapon
Photo Credit: Lethal Weapon/Fox, Darren Michaels Image Acquired from Fox Flash /

Double Shot of Baileys is an opportunity for Lethal Weapon to explore new characters, new families, and the song The Day I Started Loving You Again.

Jess (Alisha Wainwright) and her boyfriend CJ (Mustafa Elzein) have quite the scam going. She’s working on her pickpocket skills as a cocktail waitress, and he’s engaged in some sort of illegal deal with an armed drug dealer named Drexel (Juan Gil). When someone shows up at their hotel later that night, however, their scams don’t seem all that great.

Meanwhile, Murtaugh (Wayans) and Riggs (Crawford) battle their own problems. Riggs wakes up in a sandbox with a hangover and a missing car. Sadly, he doesn’t get a “Dude” tattoo. And since his wife is out of town, Murtaugh deals with his daughter’s problems.

First things first, Drexel may be a bad guy, but he’ll never be more than a discount Drexel.

Nonetheless, Drexel seems pissed, because his poor deal with CJ. Later that night in their hotel room, that they paid for with a stolen credit car (brilliant!), room service shows up. Ice pick to the left eye, and CJ may as well have been wearing a red Star Trek shirt. Jess moves under the bed at light speed and we all silently wish her “Good luck.” Personally, I’d rather have Liam Neeson helping me, but Jess will have to settle for Riggs, Murtaugh, Bailey, and Bowman (Andrew Creer). Luckily for Jess, the real room service arrives and spooks the killer.

Photo Credit: Lethal Weapon/Fox, Darren Michaels Image Acquired from Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Lethal Weapon/Fox, Darren Michaels Image Acquired from Fox Flash /

Scorsese has the line of the season.

Scorses exists to examine dead bodies, deliver punchlines, and pursue Bailey. He definitely nails on of his requirements in this episode of Lethal Weapon.

As the team investigates the crime scene, Murtaugh wonders out loud if it was a crime of passion. Scorsese with black light under the sheets: “A LOT of passion.” If you didn’t laugh at that line, stop watching the show and check your pulse.

Detective work begins.

Riggs shows up late. Rogers gives him grief. Bailey sees her sister’s necklace on the floor and pockets the crime scene evidence. Unfortunately for her, Riggs sees it.

Subsequently, Riggs and Bailey form team A, and that leaves Roger with Bowman. They both end up at Jess’s house, with the former out back and the latter out front. The group of criminals (with Drexel) spot and fire at Roger as he floors the car in reverse. Riggs shoots fish in a barrel, and the only bad guy remaining is an airborne Drexel.

Sisters fight & there’s a Legend reenactment.

When Drexel’s alibi checks out, it only adds to the tension between Bailey and Jess. Bailey begins to interrogate her sister, which doesn’t help their troubled relationship.

Luckily, the precinct gets a tip the primary suspect – dude sans-wallet – just asked when Jess starts her shift at the club. She agrees to act as bait to catch the guy.

Once at the club, Riggs ends up behind the bar. Of course. Since Jess and Bailey still have beef, Jess tries to escape. That’s when the craziness happens. Wallet guy gets confronted by criminal A. Subsequently, Mr. A tries to kidnap Jess but ends up tussling with Riggs. Just as Riggs is about to apprehend his subject, Mr. B shows up to shoot Riggs. A & B look the same. Huh? Luckily for Riggs, he’s a drunk and the bullet hits, you guessed it, his flask. Meanwhile, Roger reaches wallet guy, who looks like he was caught up in a prison turf war and dared someone to shank him.

It turns out their triplets. Eventually Bailey and Murtaugh have a run-in with one brother while Riggs gets attacked by a third guy. They’re all looking for Mr. Wallet’s key, which unlocks a locker full of cash. You could say they were all in a Rat Race for the money.

With three detectives and three brothers, the bad guys never stood a chance.

Photo Credit: Lethal Weapon/Fox, Darren Michaels Image Acquired from Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Lethal Weapon/Fox, Darren Michaels Image Acquired from Fox Flash /

Riggs deals with heavy drinking.

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Since Riggs drinks on days that end in “y,” you’d think by now he has this whole hangover thing figured out. How he deals with a bender of endless Jägerbombs and cheap beer shouldn’t even phase him at this point.

During the blackout drunk night, however, Riggs got a taxi, used an automatic car wash for an impromptu shower, and kept saying, “Gotta get myself right.” He also had a restraining order taken out against him. Again, this sounds like something Riggs does every other Friday or so.

Nonetheless, through a series of flashbacks we learn young Martin Riggs was with his father at the bar just after his mother’s funeral. Dear ol’ dad was playing “The day I started loving you again” on repeat and pissing everyone off. Hearing the song caused Riggs to remember, and shoot the jukebox six times. Heavy drinking followed. Just like dad.

The drinking started as a result of a letter he got for his father’s parole hearing. At least this provided another reason for him to get closer with Dr. Cahill (Jordana Brewster).

Murtaugh needs to start drinking.

For those following Lethal Weapon, it may come as a shock that Murtaugh has a daughter. She hasn’t been around in a while. Her name is Riana (Chandler Kinney), and she has boy problems. Unfortunately for Roger, his wife Trish is away. Therefore, Roger breaks multiple laws to spy on Riana’s boyfriend Robbie, then actually takes her on a stakeout.

Other than the ending where he legitimately has a heart-to-heart with his daughter about the perils of love, the whole sub-plot falls flat. It feels like how Riggs would help her, not her father.

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As the episode ends, Riggs visits Murtaugh at home and ultimately discovers his truck. The pair are really bonding as a team, and are getting better every episode. Riggs admits to his problems and they get even closer.

Lethal Weapon airs Tuesday nights on Fox.