Omarosa Manigault paid $1 million to join Big Brother cast

Who is on Celebrity Big Brother 2019? Cast list to come out soon. (Omarosa photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Who is on Celebrity Big Brother 2019? Cast list to come out soon. (Omarosa photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) /

Omarosa Manigault was reportedly paid $1 million to join Celebrity Big Brother. In addition to her appearance on the reality show, she also has a deal to film a pilot for a talk show. A report by Radar Online broke this news, revealing what it took to get the reality show diva signed on.

Omarosa was revealed as one of the 11 houseguests competing on Celebrity Big Brother. Very little information has been given about her appearance, likely to keep some mystery surrounding it. She was definitely a focal point of the TV spots, though, with the announcer talking her up each time.

What does Omarosa Manigault’s deal entail

Many fans will be shocked to hear Omarosa just landed a $1 million paycheck. It’s a soft fall for someone who just left the White House staff unceremoniously. Now, Omarosa will have to deal with egos equal to those ones, all competing to win a $250,000 cash prize. That could be another nice paycheck in her future if Omarosa can win CBB USA.

CBS has guaranteed that Omarosa will get a pilot for her very own talk show. This means they will put together at least one episode of a show that she will host for the network. This doesn’t ensure that it will get picked up for a full season, but if she finds success on Celebrity Big Brother it could certainly be a step toward that goal.

When does Omarosa enter the Big Brother house

The Big Brother: Celebrity Edition schedule begins on February 7. The cast will be sequestered before that, with the assumption it has already started taking place. Then, on premiere night, everyone will enter the Big Brother house for the first time. It should be a few nights that are packed with excitement as the 11 celebrities get to know one another. It also shouldn’t be long before the first Celebrity Big Brother fight takes place. Will Omarosa cause it like she has done on The Apprentice?