Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3, Episode 1 recap: Family

Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room
Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room /

Ash vs Evil Dead kicked off its third season with a giant revelation that will forever change Ash and his fight against evil.

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Before Season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead even began it was safe to assume the life of our unlikely hero–Ash Williams–will be forever changed. News broke last year that the upcoming season would revolve around Ash learning that he had a teenage daughter. The first episode, appropriately titled “Family,” jumps right into the fatherhood surprise.

As happy as everyone seemed at the end of Season 2, we knew it would never last. The series was sure to tease fans that danger is still looming after showing evil ’80s Ruby appearing in Elk Grove during Ash’s heroic celebration. And let’s not forget that the Necronomicon survives the underworld banishment that took Baal and his spawn. We shared our advanced preview but here is the full recap of the premiere episode.

What’s new with the Ghost Beaters?

Ash (Bruce Campbell) is now recognized as a hero ever since the town learned the truth about his evil slaying. While reveling in the glory, he takes over his father’s hardware store in town. He shows off a few new commercial spots that showcase his iconic chainsaw hand, but instead of slashing deadites, he now “slashes prices.” Even though Ash is busy with the grand opening and newfound fame, he keeps his little buddy Pablo (Ray Santiago) close by. Pablo seems to have received his dream of opening up a food truck, Pablito’s Fish & Chips.

Bruce Campbell
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Meanwhile, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) is off in Detroit, where she works as a bartender and makeshift security guard seeing by the way she handles non-paying customers. Her “work” is quickly interrupted when a TV program comes on featuring the Necronomicon. Unfortunately, the Necronomicon fell into innocent hands and after some of the ancient book’s text was read, evil is unleashed and kills all in its presence. Then enters evil Ruby (Lucy Lawless). Still dressed in white, she waltzes into the bloodbath and reclaims the Book of the Dead.

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Ash Williams, you are the father

As evil is sweeping towards Elk Grove, it takes on a new target–Ash’s daughter. And that’s not the only revelation. It turns out Ash is also married–or at least, he got married and doesn’t remember any of it. His old fling, Candace Barr (better known as Candy Barr), shows up to Ash’s alcohol-heavy grand opening with the news that the two share a kid. The teenager is in trouble and Candy knows that Ash may be the only one who can help. Pablo knows that she’s telling the truth because his tattoos begin to bleed and ache in pain; a sure sign that evil is back.

After witnessing the book’s return, Kelly calls someone setting something in motion. She is clearly on her way back to Elk Grove. As Ash, Pablo, and Candy jump in the Delta to assist Candy’s daughter, we see a mysterious James Dean-looking guy keeping a close eye on Ash. Thankfully, we don’t have a long wait to learn his identity. After Candy speeds up Ash’s memory about their wedding, the trio arrive at the local high school. Meanwhile, Ruby is planning something big as she performs a gag-inducing ritual with the Necronomicon resulting in some sort of child-like spawn in her stomach.

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E1
Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room /

Evil rears its ugly mascot head

During Ash’s grand opening, Candy’s daughter, Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill), and her friend, Rachel, are stuck at the high school. The two are scrubbing off obscene graffiti off lockers when a group of students and the school’s mascot Cougie walk by. Suddenly the lights go out and Cougie appears at the end of the hall. Fans of Ash vs Evil Dead are well aware that evil has arrived but these poor girls have no clue. As the cougar mascot starts spewing blood, the girls finally get the message to run.

In typical Ash fashion, he finds his old stash of weed hidden in the school’s trophy case. He gets back on track for their mission and the group finds the girls hiding in the band room. After revealing to Brandy that Ash is her real dad, Ash is a bit hesitant whether the girl is a deadite or not. Despite the shocking news, he has priorities, “you can call me dad, unless you’re a deadite, then you can go f*ck yourself.” Rachel ends up revealing herself as a deadite and uses the band equipment to attack. Besides battling Rachel, it sets off an elaborate fight sequence for Ash and Pablo against possessed musical instruments. At one point, Rachel targets Brandy but Pablo pushes her out of the way. He saves Brandy’s life but her mom isn’t so lucky.

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E1
Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room /

Candy gets her head sliced off by a flying drum cymbal. Ash gets payback on deadite Rachel using the strings of a harp. Brandy is beside herself but the fight is not over, as Cougie remerges and drags Ash into the hallway. Ash battling a deadite mascot might be one of the most entertaining fights in the show’s history.

Ash seems to be at a disadvantage, but in walks Kelly to save the day–and she’s not alone. She has brought along Dalton (Lindsay Farris), the leader of the Knights of Sumeria. After a few brief introductions, it’s time to regroup and plan for the new challenges ahead. Ash and Brandy certainly didn’t get off on the right foot. It certainly doesn’t help that he can’t get her name right. Here’s hoping that Brandy learns how to handle Ash’s unique charm.

Sneak peek on the rest of the season

Here is a short clip showing what’s to come for the rest of Season 3:

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Ash vs Evil Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on STARZ so be sure to tune in!