Brendan Taylor talks joining E!’s The Arrangement and working on and off screen on Supernatural

Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky, Acquired via M Public Relations
Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky, Acquired via M Public Relations /

Brendan Taylor is known in the SPNFamily as Officer Doug, the hapless but adorable (now ex-) boyfriend of Donna Hanscum. He has a new project coming up and you need to watch it this weekend!

If you’ve watched Supernatural, you’ll know Brendan Taylor as Officer Doug. Dougie was an adorable guy, who had no idea about the monster world, but quickly learned he didn’t like it. While our hearts broke for Donna, we certainly understood Doug’s decision to walk away. Did you know he also worked behind the scenes on the series, along with many others, in the art department?

Dougie may have walked away from Donna, but Taylor isn’t walking away from acting. Far from it! He is going to be in The Arrangement Season 2, which premieres this weekend.

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In this exclusive interview, Taylor talks about his upcoming role, what it was like moving from behind-the-scenes to in front of the camera on one of the CW’s hottest shows, and what he dream role would be both on- and off-screen. Buckle in, everyone!

Hidden Remote: What can you tell us about Isaac in The Arrangement and the upcoming storyline?

Brendan Taylor: In season one, Isaac helps Terence find clarity in the direction he wants to take the Institute of the Higher Mind (IHM) and helps protect its future by helping assuage Megan’s doubts about being involved with Kyle and the Institute.

Isaac works for IHM, which funds his research, so it’s in his best interest to support it. In season two, look forward to Isaac bringing forward some big ideas to continue the growth of the Institute.

HR: What was it about this show/character that drew you in? What was the auditioning process like (if there was one)?

BT: I was familiar with the show and liked the premise, so I was very excited to get an audition. I remember being one of the few who wore a real lab coat into the room, so maybe that helped? [laughs] What I liked about Isaac was that he had an intelligence and confidence in himself, and I think it’s a good basis for the competitiveness he has with Terence. They are both strong personalities so their conversations are always entertaining.

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HR: I’ve loved you in Supernatural. What was it like being on that set (and moving from behind the scenes to on camera)? J2, Misha and everyone else always make it look like so much fun!

BT: Thank you! I loved being on the show and playing Doug. The boys are fantastic and hilarious, and working with Briana is such a blast. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to meet Misha, though I hope to someday. There’s a reason that show is still going; everyone is so professional and talented, from the cast to the crew and the writers and producers. It was quite surreal to be working behind the scenes and dressing the sets, to then being the one the sets are dressed for. It was awesome to walk back into my old boss’ office in full uniform as Officer Doug. Everyone was very proud and happy for me, and I’m so grateful for their support.

Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky, Acquired via M Public Relations
Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky, Acquired via M Public Relations /

HR: You started off in the Art Department, but what made you try your hand at acting? How did that conversation with your agent or bosses go?

BT: I actually got into the art department through my mom, who also works in that department. I’ve always loved acting, but out of college I was looking for a good job and found it in set decorating through my mom, and at the time I didn’t really have the confidence to pursue acting as a career. As I spent more time on set, helping tell stories through creating the setting, I paid close attention to the actors, and it started to seem like it was something I could do if I put my heart into it. But it was not an easy transition; no overnight success here!

As I gained more experience, I would get more auditions and would have to beg my bosses to let me go to them, while still keeping me on the job. Some days were very stressful, dashing to and from an audition while changing in the car and inhaling a sandwich on my lunch break. But I’m eternally thankful to my bosses who supported my dream, and my agent who has given me great opportunities and always believed in me.

HR: With so many varied shows and movies, is it possible to have a favorite role/project/experience? If so, which one?

BT: I’ve been fortunate to have some great roles. I have to say, Supernatural really has been one of my favorite experiences, from originating that character, to meeting and getting to know the cast, and being accepted into the incredible fandom that is “Supernatural Family”. It’s really an honor to be included in that show.

Another role that I’ll always remember was playing Pierre on season two of Fargo. It was a small but significant part as Kirsten Dunst’s character keeps referring to a black and white film that is paralleling her life, and I play the old Hollywood actor in the film, within the show. It was a period piece shot in black and white, which is so special. Fargo was one of my favorite films growing up, but the fact that the show based on it is just so darn good is another thing, and to be a part of one of my favorite seasons of television was truly epic.

Photo credit: The Arrangement/E! Entertainment, Acquired via NBC Media Village
Photo credit: The Arrangement/E! Entertainment, Acquired via NBC Media Village /

HR: If you could do a dream project–whether on or off camera–what would it be and why?

BT: Let’s pick both! On camera, I would love to be in Game of Thrones or Star Wars. I’m a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan, so anything along those lines would be great, but those shows and films I specifically aspire to work on.

As for an off-camera project, I’d really love to have a large garage in which I could restore an old car and rebuild an engine. I’m an avid car enthusiast and self-taught mechanic, so getting to work on a big home project like that when I’m not in Star Wars would be a perfect balance.

Someone needs to get him a part in the next Star Wars movie!

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The Arrangement Season 2 premieres on Mar. 11 at 9/8c on E! Network.