Chicago Fire Season 6, Episode 14 recap: 5 best moments from Looking for a Lifeline

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

The Chicago Fire two-hour movie event has started. The first episode has finished and it’s time to delve into it.

Chicago Fire took a week off to bring a two-hour movie event for the season. Season 6, Episode 14, titled “Looking for a Lifeline,” was the first of the two episodes. To be honest, it wasn’t quite what I expected it to be. I hoped the episodes would be a two-parter, similar to the two-night crossover event with Chicago P.D. a few weeks ago.

Instead, it was clear that NBC opted to put on the two-hour episode to compete with ABC’s new firefighter drama Station 19, which was getting a one-off two-hour series premiere. Not that I’m complaining at all. Chicago Fire is my late-night highlight of the week. In fact, Thursdays are my highlight with Supernatural and then Chicago Fire on the same night.

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Because it’s not quite the two-hour movie event that the promos promised, I’ll do the Chicago Fire recap as two separate recaps. When it comes to checking back on the episodes, you’ll find the episodes much easier.

Here are the top 5 moments from Chicago Fire Season 6, Episode 14, “Looking for a Lifeline.”

#1. The reminder of Casey’s past

I got into Chicago Fire late (blame it on being in the UK), so it’s not been that long since I’ve watched the first season. Honestly, there are elements of that first season that I miss and one of those is Casey’s family. He was put in such a difficult position when it came to his sister and mom, but he tried to do the right thing for him.

This was all brought up with “Looking for a Lifeline.” It was so sad watching him beat himself for missing the initial signs or not doing more, but there wasn’t much more he could do. When it came to it, he took action and helped the victim of domestic abuse. Even when Antonio asked what had happened, Casey quickly came up with a story.

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#2. Burgess getting a chance to crossover

We see a lot of Antonio and Voight. In the past, we’ve also seen a lot of Halstead and Lindsay. This week we get to see Burgess stepping over for a few brief moments. She was the perfect character to bring into the episode. After all, she has worked closely with domestic abuse in the past and it makes sense that she’d be the one with the connections where it’s needed.

I like imaging that it was Burgess’ connections that helped open a space for this domestic abuse victim. It may not have been, but if Chicago Fire has another domestic abuse case, they need to call Burgess in again and not Antonio.

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

#3. Stella bringing up the letter

Stella has never been one to beat around the bush. I was worried that she’d do that with the letter; even trying to hide the fact that she’d seen it. Instead, she made sure Severide faced his demons.

The connection to Anna last season was beautiful. It’s not surprising he didn’t want to go to the opening, considering all the pain he went through, but this closure was definitely needed for him. Plus, it opened the door for all the feelings in the next episode. It’s clear that Stella certainly feels more for Severide than she really wants to let on.

#4. The pregnancy test

We’ve been teased with a pregnancy coming up in Chicago Fire and it looked like this was going to be that moment. Brett was the one picking up the pregnancy test, after showing some of the common signs of pregnancy. While the test turned out negative, seeing Brett go through all the emotions was beautiful. The writers caught everything many women have felt when they realize they’re pregnant without trying.

That disappointment at the end was also perfect. For a moment you get that thought that you might be pregnant and then it turns out you’re not. There’s a drop in emotions, as you start to mourn what you didn’t realize you wanted.

Now the question is who really is pregnant. Will that pregnancy test be a false negative? Could Stelleride or Dawsey have a baby? What about Otis and Lily? There are plenty of other potentials; we just know it’s not Cindy and Herrmann having another baby!

#5. The focus on just the one call out

It’s not often that I like episodes that don’t have many callouts, but this was an exception. That’s because there were multiple calls to the same couple, helping to fully develop and wrap up the domestic abuse case.

We saw Firehouse 51 in full action for various reasons, too. They dealt with the unusual car crash and then moved onto a fire later. This is something the older episodes focused on and the show has lost that recently. Hopefully, this is a sign the series is getting back into focusing on the actual cases and local people; not just the relationships in the firehouse.

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What were your favorite moments from Chicago Fire Season 6, Episode 14? What did you think of the focus on the one call out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Chicago Fire Season 6 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.