Chicago Fire Season 6, Episode 15 recap: 5 shocking moments from The Chance to Forgive

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

Chicago Fire wrapped its two-hour movie event with The Chance to Forgive. Season 6, Episode 15 put one of Firehouse 51’s own in danger and not by the shooter you would expect.

The second part of the two-hour movie event was the episode we were all waiting for. After the trailer, we just knew there would be danger and intensity. Chicago Fire Season 6 even seems to have followed through with the danger its put one of its own in.

While I did the best moments in the previous recap, this wasn’t an episode with a lot of “best” moments. It was full of shocking, intense, and twisty moments. Here are the five top ones from “The Chance to Forgive.”

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#1. The shooter

This has to be touched on first. The trailer made us think that there was going to be a shooter in the house, and admittedly I went through the first episode believing that the abusive husband would be the one shooting at the firefighters. Instead, the writers did something completely out of the box.

There was no shooter!

It turned out the son had a bunch of loaded weapons and ammunition in the house on fire. It was the heat and fire setting off the ammunition, which led to Stella and Otis getting shot. Well, it turns out that the guns can kill people…

Oh, and radios save people! The only reason Stella was saved was because her radio took the bullet.

#2. Severide running back into the building

After everything with the children’s wing for Anna, Severide’s emotions were already running high. You didn’t want to mix that with Stella at risk from an unknown shooter. When he believed there was someone in there shooting, he rushed into the house and disobeyed a direct order.

He was lucky not to get pulled up for it, but it was clear that, eventually, Boden understood. He couldn’t lose someone he loved again. Yet, this still wasn’t enough for Severide to finally admit what he wanted or admit to Stella that he loved her. As if anybody needed it painting out after Severide’s actions.

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#3. Casey calling Severide out

Casey may not have agreed with Severide’s decision to rush into the building, but he didn’t bring those thoughts up (thank you, Chicago Fire writers). Instead, he realized exactly why Severide did it and decide to tackle a different situation. It was time to get Severide and Stella back together.

It’s always fun seeing the two bond, but I did expect Casey to share his disapproval. Sure, they’ve been together before, but this time was the moment Severide put his own safety at risk for love and emotion. Their relationship could be a liability, but Casey supports it.

This did lead to that hot moment at the very end between Stellaride. It’s about time, but could they be the ones who end up with the baby?

Of course, as one relationship got together, another one ended. Just as Brett had decided she wanted a relationship with Antonio, he told her that he’d been set up on a blind date and was going on it. It looks like there’ll be no Brettonio baby.

#4. Otis making it through alive but with a problem

The writers finally followed through with their dangerous situations. Otis was shot in the neck. While he was lucky not to be instantly paralyzed from the neck down or killed, it wasn’t smooth sailing. He needed to make a decision over whether to have a particular surgery or not.

In the end, he chose the surgery. We hoped he would pull through permanently, but it looks like one of the complications has come up: he’s paralyzed. Dr. Choi hasn’t said it yet, but Otis didn’t wiggle his feet and Otis was instantly worried.

Otis’ storyline is at the point now where they could take him out of Firehouse 51 but keep him in the show. After all, he’s part of Molly’s and Molly’s North.

What was sweet was that Otis almost got called by his real name. However, he’s decided that his nickname is just fine.

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

#5. Cruz choosing to forgive

It wasn’t easy for Cruz during the episode. With the fear of losing his best friend, he and many others in Firehouse 51 wanted the son arrested. What could the police arrest him on when he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger? He just stupidly left the guns loaded.

In the end, the kid’s mom died and he decided to attempt to take his own life. Fortunately, Cruz had talked to the kid’s dad before the kid’s attempt. The dad had realized he’d slipped up as a father and wanted a chance to make things right. When called out to the suicide attempt, Cruz put his anger and hatred to one side and saved the kid from the exhaust-filled car and garage.

While it was a shocking moment, it was also a beautiful moment. Of course, now we’ll have to see how Cruz reacts when he learns his best friend is potentially paralyzed.

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Which moments did you find most shocking? What do you think will happen with Otis moving forward? How does this affect the balance in the group? Share your thoughts below.

Chicago Fire Season 6 returns next Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.