Marvel Gear and Goods review: Danger Room crate a homerun

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This March, Loot Crate’s Marvel Gear and Goods crate turned to one of Marvel’s most iconic groups of heroes via the Danger Room theme!

With Opening Day upon us, what better way to celebrate one of America’s favorite pastimes than with a Marvel Gear and Goods crate inspired by the beloved game and an equally beloved group of Marvel heroes!

Under the theme of Danger Room, Loot Crate’s Marvel Gear and Goods crate turned to the X-Men to deliver a baseball themed crate with items sports and comic book fans alike are sure to appreciate! Just how did Loot Crate manage to pull off its Danger Room crate? Join us now as we dive into the month’s Marvel Gear and Goods crate.

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote
Photo Credit: Hidden Remote /

New Mutants Demon Bear Enamel Pin

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Keeping with the theme of using iconic Marvel comic books as the inspiration for the month’s pin, our journey begins with a fun pin inspired by the New Mutants’ Demon Bear Saga. It’s a nice way to keep with tradition while still drawing upon the theme to bring fans another run comic book pin.

Kitty Pryde Water Bottle

"About the Item: Professor X spent quite a while on a pretty challenging program for the Danger Room… and Kitty Pryde walked right through it on her first try! When you’re training, remember to take it slow and stay hydrated, you’ll do just fine."

Moving along to the crate’s first premium item, we have the Kitty Pryde water bottle which proved to be an ingenious way to incorporate the breakout character! Through the water bottle’s design, fans get the illusion that Kitty is phasing through their bottle which is why the item is sure to be a favorite among fans.

Mystique Socks

"About the Item: Sure, you can’t change your appearance at will like Raven, but you can always change your socks (especially when they get sweaty). This pair was inspired by Mystique’s classic, blue, skull-belted look!"

Up next, we have a pair of Mystique socks which pull inspiration in their design from the X-Men’s iconic villainess. These socks are sure to be a quick favorite among X-Men fans and are the perfect way to show off your X-Men pride year-round.

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote
Photo Credit: Hidden Remote /

Magneto Baseball Hat

"About the Item: Magneto may operate in a moral gray area, but the man knows how to accessorize. Keep the sun out of your eyes and look fly with this baseball cap inspired by Magneto’s helmet, featuring Gabriel Hernandez Walta’s cover art for Magneto #3 under the brim!"

You can’t have a baseball themed crate without a ball cap and the design the Loot Crate team settled upon is one which fans are sure to enjoy. While the exterior looks simple from afar, looking under the hat’s bill is where the design shines via the incredible key art incorporated hidden in plain sight.

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote
Photo Credit: Hidden Remote /

X-Men Baseball Tee

"About the Item: When they’re not fighting sentinels, evil mutants, and the terrors of yellow spandex, the X-Men like to spend some downtime playing a little baseball. Train like “the strangest super-heroes of all” with this tee featuring the number 63 (to celebrate the year they debuted)!"

Wrapping up the March Marvel Gear and Goods crate is a special X-Men baseball tee which couldn’t have been a better addition to the month’s crate! Delivering a X-Men baseball tee inspired by the iconic heroes and their equally iconic color scheme, this baseball tee is one all X-Men fans are sure to enjoy sporting during the baseball season. It’s of strong quality and the design is unlike anything out there, which is why the item is sure to item those who passed on the crate most regret not being able to add to their collections.

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Final Look – Was it Worth It?

Each new Marvel Gear + Goods crate promises to provide subscribers with 4-6 items with a retail value of over $75. With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at the estimated retail value of each of this crate’s items:

  • New Mutants Demon Bear Enamel Pin: $5-$7
  • Kitty Pryde Water Bottle: $12-$15
  • Mystique Socks: $10-$12
  • Magneto Baseball Hat: $15-$25
  • X-Men Baseball Tee: $25-$30

Looking at the month’s offerings as a whole, Loot Crate delivered yet another incredible  Marvel Gear and Goods crate which Looters are sure to appreciate! Using the X-Men as inspiration for this month’s crate was just what was needed for franchise fans given the news that the latest cinematic offerings have been delayed.

There was not a single weak link in this month’s Danger Room crate as each of the times are ones which can be enjoyed and used year round by X-Men fans and collectors!

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Disclosure: Hidden Remote was provided with a free Danger Room Marvel Gear & Goods crate for the purposes of this review.