Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3, Episode 8 advanced preview: Rifting Apart

Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room
Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room /

Episode 8 of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 airs Sunday, April 15, and we have an advanced preview of the episode titled, Rifting Apart.

We are nearing the end of Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 and the stakes are higher than ever. Ruby is still out there and Ash is down a few team members. He has lost a lot of loved ones in his life but losing Brandy might be the most devastating. Ash’s main goal this season was to protect his daughter and he failed to do so.

With Kelly also gone, Ash and Pablo will do whatever it takes to get the girls back. Although dangerous, the rift might be the key to getting them back. Unfortunately opening the rift alone won’t be enough so they must come up with a bigger plan to lead their loved ones back.

Here is the official synopsis for Sunday’s episode, “Rifting Apart”:

"Ash and Pablo realize the rift in the cellar is the key to saving humanity, and devise a plan to save the ones they love."

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E8
Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room /

We’ve screened the episode in order to provide an advanced preview. The rest of the post will include minor spoilers, so if you would rather wait and see, turn back now!

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The ultimate sacrifice

The town is reeling after the massacre at the school dance. Unaware of the evil happenings, Ash is still the prime suspect in the murders. Ash and Pablo are stuck in the school trying to brainstorm a way to get Kelly and Brandy back to life. They figure that the rift and Pablo’s Brujo powers might do the trick. In order to carry out the plan, they must get to Brandy’s body and get to the cellar without anyone in town noticing. In order to get to Brandy and Kelly, Ash must make a major sacrifice.

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The dark place

As we saw with Kelly in last week’s episode, the dead are transported to another realm. This realm now houses the recent dead from the school dance, including Brandy. Anyone who is killed by evil is sent to this realm so that also means that Dalton is there. Brandy runs into him and he gives her an idea of what is going on. There are some shadowy soul-sucking creatures wreaking havoc so it’s best for Brandy to stick with Dalton. They run into a few more allies and do what they can to get out of this deadly place before they are gone forever.

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What else to look out for:

  • Someone else will be stabbed by the dagger.
  • Another character besides Ash will make a sacrifice.
  • Kelly shares a kiss with someone other than Pablo.
  • Ruby gets her hands on another Knight.

Ash vs Evil Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on STARZ so be sure to tune in!