Colony season 3, episode 3: Sierra Maestra

COLONY -- "Mixed Signals" Episode 303 -- Pictured: (l-r) Peyton List as Amy Leonard, Tory Kittles as Broussard -- (Photo by: James Dittinger/USA Network)
COLONY -- "Mixed Signals" Episode 303 -- Pictured: (l-r) Peyton List as Amy Leonard, Tory Kittles as Broussard -- (Photo by: James Dittinger/USA Network) /

In the latest episode of Colony, we meet the leader of the Resistance camp. Then, we learn something that may change the way we look at the RAPs.

One thing that makes Colony great is the pacing. Though the mystery is a huge part of the draw, there is always something happening. The latest episode gave you plenty of action and then, without warning, solved one of its many mysteries. Let’s dive in.

Amy’s Flashback

The episode began with a flashback to Dispatch (Amy) living her life before the L.A. total rendition. We see her working as a doctor, and we see her watching as the ships moved into L.A. The last thing we see is her agreeing to help a member of the resistance who was shot in the head. This is likely how she became involved with the group.

Andrew MacGregor

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Back at the Resistance camp, the Bowmans finally meet the man who runs the place. He, of course, asks how they got the gauntlet first. They tell him and he seems satisfied with the answer. He lets them know that they can stay as long as they want as long as they follow the rules.

Before he leaves, Andrew asks the Bowmans to write down everything that they know about the LA bloc. When Katie asks him about seeing the click that they captured, he tells her he’ll let them see it once they’ve proven their worth.

Broussard and Amy

When we last left off with them they were entering into a deserted bloc on their way to The Resistance. They stumble across a group of people with a semi however and Amy wants to ask them for a ride. Broussard is reluctant but agrees to give it a shot.

The people initially try to get rid of them but Amy quickly spots a kid with a broken arm and offers her services. Instead of just accepting she’s a doctor, one of them men throws her a pill bottle and asks her to tell him what the medication is. She passes his test and they offer to give them a ride, but only after they help them get supplies.

The Job

The leader of the group then tells them that there’s a pharmacy in the valley that they haven’t been able to get into. The man needs more medication for his wife and this is the only place that they haven’t been able to hit.

COLONY — “Mixed Signals” Episode 303 — Pictured: (l-r) Josh Holloway as Will Bowman, Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman — (Photo by: Eric Milner/USA Network)
COLONY — “Mixed Signals” Episode 303 — Pictured: (l-r) Josh Holloway as Will Bowman, Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman — (Photo by: Eric Milner/USA Network) /

Settling in

Alone, Will and Kate talk about their meeting with MacGregor. Will doesn’t think that they actually have a Rap and he doesn’t trust MacGregor. Katie, however, is excited about the prospect of actually getting to talk to one. Will accepts her optimistic approach and says he’ll use the day to check out the camp. Katie is going to fill out the booklet for MacGregor.

The kids go to school

The first step Will takes in exploring the camp is to take the younger kids to school. This is the first time Will has let the kids go off with anyone else in a long time. The doctor is open with Will but doesn’t answer him when he asks if he has experience with combat wounds.

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Katie finishes with the book and heads out to turn it in. As soon as she exits their hut she’s greeted by a young man who tells her he’s her security detail. When she heads toward the tent where the rap is being held, he stops her. Rather than fight it, she asks him to take her to Vincent.

When she gets to Vincent, her security detail waits outside. She asks him if she’s safe and why Andrew didn’t want to speak with him after he arrived with the Bowmans. Vincent explains that Andrew is cautious because they’ve made mistakes in the past. He confirms for her that he has seen the rap/click for himself but that it doesn’t speak. When Katie asks for a seat at the table he tells her that she needs to let him play this out and not push it.

The pharmacy mission

After scouting the area, Broussard gives the group a set window for the mission. They have 15 minutes to get in, 5 minutes inside, and then 15 minutes to get back to safety. There are walking drones doing patrol and this is the only way they can get in and out undetected.

The first part of the mission goes fine. As they’re heading out however, they see the rest of the group riding up to the store in the semi. Then you see that a drone is chasing the truck and things get bad from there. The truck is destroyed by the drone and all of the people are killed as well. Before the drone finds them, Broussard grabs Amy and they jump into a dumpster.

Snyder wants to leave

Snyder takes Will outside however to discuss how he feels about the place. He tells Will that the place is being run like a colony and he wants to leave. He tries to use the excuse that he thinks MacGregor is threatened by Katie but the real issue is that he’s worried someone will figure out who he is.

When Will tells him that he can leave on his own if he feels that way, Snyder admits that he knows he can’t make it out there alone.

The weird base

As Broussard and Amy travel that night she trips and notices that her necklace is floating. They’re in some place with a weird magnetic field and when they get closer they can see a weird base in the middle of the desert. It looks alien, and when Amy’s knees get weak Broussard grabs her and they rush away from the area.

The rap is online

When Katie arrives back at the hut Will tells her that there are a lot of secrets to the camp and that Snyder wants to leave.

Just then a loud noise loud enough to startle the viewer, goes off and continues to. They can barely hear each other but Snyder yells that the rap is online. When the Bowmans run outside there are people panicking and some even vomiting due to the sound.

Will enters the room and realizes that the rap is a machine. He says this out loud and it then repeats the phrase back to him in his voice. When Katie speaks, it does the same to her. According to Vincent, this has never happened before.

Questions and answers

Not to waste any time, Will and Katie begin asking questions. When Katie asks where it’s from, it gives coordinates. It also tells them the distance away from Earth that their planet is, in parsecs.

Will then asks why they came and it tells them that they came because of war. Andrew thinks that it means war with us but it corrects him. It says the words “escape,” “flee,” and “pursuit.” Will discerns that they were running from another race of aliens.

He then asks why they need humans. It casually responds “resource.” Andrew again guesses wrong in saying that it wanted Earth’s resources but it corrects him and says “labor.”

Will then asks what they are building and it replies “defense.” Then says that humans are their allies. Of course this doesn’t make anyone in the room happy, given the amount of death on Earth because of them. The rap then says that their enemies are coming to Earth, and if they get there, they will kill all humans. It adds that the humans and raps are partners and that they are our defense from the other alien race.

MacGregor immediately puts the camp on lockdown because he’s worried about a response. Vincent and Will want to keep asking the rap questions but MacGregor is shuts it down.

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Broussard and Amy hit a snag

The morning after, Amy decides that she wants to report the camp they stumbled across to The Resistance. When she radios in she gets a response from the other end saying that their signal is down. The person says that they haven’t heard from the camp since the night before and of course this worries Amy. We know why the camp has gone silent but now Brossard and Amy have no idea what they’re walking into.

Colony returns next week with an episode centered on the fallout from the rap speaking.

Tune in for the next episode of Colony  on Wednesday at 10/9 Central on USA Network.