Vida recap: Lyn causes chaos, Eddy makes a friend

Photo credit: Vida/Starz -- Acquired via Starz Media Center
Photo credit: Vida/Starz -- Acquired via Starz Media Center /

Emma searches for a way to save the building and everyone’s finances. Eddy struggles to cope with the loss of Vida.

During the last episode of Vida, Mari learned the truth about Johnny and Lyn while Emma realized that selling the building wasn’t a viable option. Now it’s time to move forward. First, Emma needs to get her hands on the books from the bar to figure out if there’s any way to salvage the finances. However, Eddy isn’t being that open until she finds someone to talk to.

Emma and Lyn figure out their next steps

We kick-start the episode with both sisters hooking up. For Emma, it’s just a one-off to take her mind off the situation. For Lyn, it’s another night with Johnny but when he starts talking about her new “moves” she takes offense and rushes off.

However, it’s Eddy we should all be worried about. She’s clearly struggling with a life without Vidalia and can’t sleep on a night. This leads to her looking through photos from their wedding day.

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When they both get late at night, the sisters realize that they just don’t talk to each other and really should. Emma finally comes out to her sister, who is fully supportive and also happy that she was right about her suspicions about her sister. Emma makes it very clear that she doesn’t see people again.

Lyn asks to borrow money until they decide to split the bar profits. However, there’s nothing coming in and Emma has been paying the mortgage out of her own money. It’s also impossible since Eddy won’t show the books. Sure that the books are in a locked cupboard, Emma breaks into it and starts going through the mountains of paperwork.

Emma finds the books and she realizes how the building has been bleeding them dry. Eddy is upset that they went through the books and still don’t want to run the building. The finances became a major issue when Vida got sick and then finance problems took a back burner. That doesn’t stop Emma from trying to figure everything out and she starts by separating personal from business. Lyn realizes there’s a credit card in the personal pile, so pockets it for herself in secret.

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One of the things needed to do is open the bar, which leads to Carla storming into the bar. Lyn had taken a photo and posted it on social media when Johnny was with her. Carla instantly recognized his tattoo. When Carla starts shouting at Eddy, Emma is the one that stands up for Eddy. Emma does manage to calm Carla down and Lyn decides it’s time to come out of hiding, which gives Carla the chance to show the most recent sonogram.

Photo credit: Vida/Starz — Acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Vida/Starz — Acquired via Starz Media Room /

As Lyn makes fun of Carla, Emma calls Lyn out on her actions with Johnny. It leads to an argument between the two sisters, as Emma makes it clear that while she’d like Lyn’s help that isn’t going to happen. Lyn is one of those who likes to let others fix her problems.

The thoughts of Carla don’t stick around for long, as Lyn gets a text message from Johnny to see him. However, Johnny wants to break up. Lyn mentions he could have done it through a text, but Johnny says that she deserves more than that. He also apologizes for causing offense the night before. It turns out Johnny talking about her breasts was because she got a boob job without wanting to and it was all because someone else told her to and she didn’t know how to say no.

Eddy makes a much-needed friend

Eddy’s friends clearly realize that she’s struggling to cope and keep calling and texting her. However, the tenants have issues of their own, including more plumbing problems that Eddy has to figure out herself. While fixing the sick, the tenant’s mother offers her opinions about death, which are beautiful opinions and make Eddy cry.

Photo credit: Vida/Starz — Acquired via Starz Media Center
Photo credit: Vida/Starz — Acquired via Starz Media Center /

Eddy and the mother continue to bond on the roof of the building. Eddy has a chance to smoke a cigar that Vida was saving for a special occasion. As they talk about life and death once more and the things that could have been, it’s clear that this is exactly what Eddy has needed. Vida and Eddy were even going to remodel the bar and try to bring the family back together again, but Vida getting ill threw it all off track.

What they don’t realize is that Emma was listening to it all from the fire escape.

Mari continues her flirtation

Photo credit: Vida/Starz — Acquired via Starz Media Center
Photo credit: Vida/Starz — Acquired via Starz Media Center /

At the start of the episode, Mari fears an intruder in the house but it’s just Johnny. She calls him out for cheating on Carla. However, their argument is broken up by their dad.

The next morning, Mari attends a speech by Tlaloc, the boy she met last week. He’s trying to stop the developers from taking any more buildings and Mari offers her help to find buildings for sale. Mari also agrees to stay behind after the meeting, where he starts to come onto her. As he gets sexual favors from her he starts to record it off his phone.

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What did you think about this week’s episode of Vida? Can Emma, Lyn, and Eddy work together to save the building? What will happen between Johnny and Lyn next? How will that video of Mari come back to haunt her? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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