4 Things we could but probably won’t see in a Solo sequel

Han Solo, Star Wars photo via Walt Disney Studios Media File
Han Solo, Star Wars photo via Walt Disney Studios Media File /

With the latest Star Wars non-saga movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, there are some potential storylines that we need to see addressed or included in any possible future sequel plans.

Solo: A Star Wars Story may not be performing that well at the box office, but the movie definitely has a lot of story tell. Chronicling the life and times of an iconic character in the Star Wars franchise, Solo does a good job of establishing its main character. By the end of the movie, however, there’s a lot of story beats that can be expanded upon, or included in a potential sequel.

Solo focuses entirely on Han’s back story and origin; exploring his motivations, and the experiences in his life that develop him into the scruffy nerf herder that we end up with in the original Star Wars trilogy. These experiences also see his introduction and relationships with other characters from Star Wars canon, like his trusty compatriot in Chewbacca and friendship with Lando Calrissian. (Donald Glover) The stories of those particular characters, however, leave a lot to be desired.

Here are 4 things that a Solo: A Star Wars Story can expand on and develop further…

Warning: There will be many Spoilers ahead for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Han Solo, Star Wars photo via Walt Disney Studios Media File /

Chewbacca Origin

Many buddy action comedy films start off with a story that is personal and close to home for one of its characters. Obviously, Solo was all about Han (Alden Ehrenreich) and understandably so. But when you think of Han, his pairing with Chewie invariably has to come into play.

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When we first see Chewbacca in Solo, he is a prisoner of the Empire and is referred to as the “beast.” When Han is thrown in to be one of the beast’s victims, they strike up an uneasy alliance in order to escape, thus beginning a lifelong friendship.

But Chewie has been seen in the Star Wars cinematic universe before Solo, in the prequel trilogy, fighting in the Clone Wars, along with other Wookies as an ally to the Jedi. The story of how he ends up from there to being imprisoned by himself would be interesting to watch.

The sequel to Solo could focus more on Chewie’s back story, his people, and where he comes from. The main plot could see the duo having to save other Wookies from trouble, Wookies that may know Chewbacca, dredging up something from his past that he was running from.

The story would also be a great way to make a sequel to Solo that involve Wookies and other groups of character within the Star Wars universe, that have been largely absent in the timeline since those events, so there would be no chance of stepping on the toes of existing canon.

Who Is Enfes Nest & the Cloud-Riders

Initially acting as the B villains in Solo, Enfes Nest and her group were revealed in the end of the movie to have been freedom fighters going up against the Empire. The parting shot, heavily implied that due to Han Solo’s actions in this story, the energy acquired by the group would aid in creating a rebellion against the Empire. Possibly, the very same rebellion and Luke and Leia eventually persuade Han to join years later in A New Hope.

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So if Enfes Nest plays such a huge role in the establishment of the Rebellion, or New Republic, a sequel that explores their story, or feature Nest herself as more prominent supporting character would be pretty insightful to watch. Also featuring possible background into the character, and a lot more information regarding their agenda and ideology, and how that (eventually, apparently) leads to forming the rebellion.

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Han Solo, Star Wars photo via Walt Disney Studios Media File /

She’s a heartbreaker

The long-lost love of Han’s life, whom we’re introduced to in the beginning of the movie, ends up being the motivating factor that really makes up the core of who Han is in this movie. His efforts, pursuits and entire reason for being, revolves around getting back to her. And she seems to reciprocate as well, until they are separated in their youth, only to be reunited years later.

During his absence Qi’ra has clearly managed to survive on her own, enough that she is the most trusted advisor, confidant (possible lover?) of a highly reputable gangster in Drydon Vos. (Paul Bettany) So much so that she ends up betraying Han and reporting back to her superior as part of the larger organization of Crimson Dawn.

Qi’ra’s betrayal can be seen as the last chisel strike that ends up shaping the stone monument that becomes Han Solo. This betrayal eventually sees the stone cold, untrusting and selfish Han that we meet in the original trilogy. But with next to nothing shown about Qi’ra’s back story, her actions leave a lot of questions unanswered.

A sequel could possibly focus on those aspects of her character, providing those much-needed answers. The story may not even need to feature Qi’ra as heavily, should Emilia Clarke choose to not return. But it can open with her death, and Han and Chewie having to tangle with Crimson Dawn again, finding out her true nature within the organization and therefore providing Han with the closure that he was denied at the end of Solo.

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And speaking of Crimson Dawn…

The entire shadowy organization of Crimson Dawn has been entirely glossed over in Solo: A Star Wars Story, obviously intentionally. So the surprise cameo at the end of the movie, featuring Darth Maul, is the much-needed surprise that gave the story and the organization a shot in the arm, for audiences’ interests to be piqued.

But the re-appearance of Darth Maul, a character killed off in Episode 1: A Phantom Menace, certainly raises a lot of questions. While the character has returned in animated Star Wars stories like the Clone Wars animated TV series, he was considered one and done in the live action canon.

How Maul survived his encounter with Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) in the Phantom Menace, and how he is now the head of the Crimson Dawn, ordering Qi’ra around, is something that definitely needs to be explored in future Solo sequels. And the way that the movie ended, it definitely feels that the filmmakers intended the same thing by teasing him.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now playing everywhere.

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