Marvel Gear and Goods: Avengers Assemble crate review

In celebration of Avengers: Infinity War, Loot Crate’s Marvel Gear and Goods crate brought together Earth’s mightiest heroes with its Avengers Assemble crate!

After drawing its inspiration from the X-Men team, Marvel Gear and Goods shifted its focus toward another iconic Marvel faction for inspiration in its latest crate: The Avengers!

Through the theme of Avengers Assemble, Loot Crate’s Marvel Gear and Goods crate drew inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s iconic characters to deliver what proved to be a must-have Marvel Gear and Goods crate! With a heavy focus on Avengers: Infinity War and countless heroes to choose from to develop this month’s crate, the possibilities for the Avengers Assemble crate was endless!

What offerings awaited us as we cracked open this month’s Marvel Gear and Goods crate? Join us now as we unbox the Avengers Assemble crate and explore the offerings that awaited within!

Infinity War T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Marvel Gear & Goods/Loot Crate Image by Hidden Remote

About the Product: It’s all been leading to this… The mighty Avengers have assembled on this tee, ready for the ultimate showdown to reclaim the Infinity Gauntlet. Heroism makes for a look that’ll never go out of style.

I don’t know what exactly it is about the design of this shirt, but I absolutely love it! It’s different from any others I’ve seen in stores and I really love how it incorporates numerous iconic characters without a cartoony or overly busy design. This is a shirt you’ll absolutely see me wearing often, but not too often as I’d hate to see the design fade away too quickly.

Marvel Infinity War Gauntlet 20 Oz Sculpted Ceramic Mug

About the Product: Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, Time, Power. The Infinity War Gauntlet was created to hold the six Infinity Stones, giving its wielder unimaginable power. This mug, on the other hand, was designed to hold your favorite beverages. Keep it away from Thanos! 

Now this is exactly the type of exclusive good I expect from Loot Crate! I’ve been hoping to add an Infinity Gauntlet inspired piece of drink ware to my collection which is why I was so thrilled when this one arrived! The detail is incredible and I love the metallic look of the mug, a mug that is sure to be a hit with all collectors.

Marvel Infinity War 4-Piece Stacking Glass Coaster

About the Product: They say Death follows Thanos like a shadow, but we’re pretty sure that’s just condensation. Luckily, these powerful glass coasters are ready to protect your table. Stack them to show off an awesome Infinity War image! 

I’m not typically one for coasters, but these aren’t your average coasters.

Never I have seen a set of coasters which stack together to form an epic scene such as how these coasters do! Alone, each coaster is a fun way to celebrate a variety of heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – though I have to complain about the lack of Black Panther and Scarlet Witch – but together they create a truly stunning scene!

Incredibuilds: Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War 3D Wood Model

Photo Credit: Marvel Gear & Goods/Loot Crate Image by Hidden Remote

About the Product: Captain America’s iconic shield is now yours to own! Some assembly required. Made of laser-cut wood pieces (no Vibranium, sorry), this kit requires no glue or special tools and you can decorate it however you’d like! 

If I had to pick a “miss” for this month’s Marvel Gear and Goods crate, I’d likely go with the 3D wood model. As big of a Cap fan that I am, I’m not big on making wood models which means this is an item which will likely be gifted away or sit within a draw somewhere untouched. For those who are into making models, I’m sure they’ll enjoy the addition of this particular item but for me it misses the mark.

Black Panther Battle Cry Pin

Photo Credit: Marvel Gear & Goods/Loot Crate Image by Hidden Remote

About the Product: T’Challa knows his way around an epic battle cry (“Wakanda forever!”), and this one is no exception. In the war to save the world, show you know what’s at stake with this Black Panther pin.

What better way to tie the crate together than with help from Marvel’s breakout hero: Black Panther! I love the design and the way in which they added in the iconic quote with Black Panther’s mask serving as the backdrop.

Final Look – Was it Worth It?

Each new Marvel Gear + Goods crate promises to provide subscribers with 4-6 items with a retail value of over $75. With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at the estimated retail value of each of this crate’s items:

  • Infinity War T-Shirt: $15 – $25
  • Marvel Infinity War Gauntlet 20 Oz Sculpted Ceramic Mug: $20 – $30
  • Marvel Infinity War 4-Piece Stacking Glass Coaster: $15 – $20
  • Incredibuilds: Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War 3D Wood Model: $17
  • Black Panther Battle Cry Pin: $5 – $7

Now this is how you pull off an Avengers: Infinity War inspired box Funko! Aside from perhaps the wood model, there is not a single miss in this month’s Marvel Gear and Goods crate which just might be my favorite crate thus far from the Marvel-inspired Loot Crate premium service!

Each item in this month’s crate is one which any Marvel collector would be happy to add to their collection! From the Infinity War Gauntlet mug which has already become my favorite new piece of  drink ware to the incredible coaster set which is unlike anything I have ever seen before, this month’s crate delivered on all levels making it by far one of the service’s greatest crates yet. It’s going to be hard for the July “Take the Lead” crate to top the Avengers Assemble crate, but I’m ever more intrigued to see what Loot Crate has planned next.

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Disclosure: Hidden Remote was provided with a free Avengers Assemble Marvel Gear & Goods crate for the purposes of this review.

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