Claws season , episode 2: Cracker Casserole

Claws season 2, Episode 2. From the Turner press site
Claws season 2, Episode 2. From the Turner press site /

In the latest episode of Claws, Dean and Virginia make a decision about the baby, Jenn tries to get her man back, and Desna has to increase traffic at the clinic. None of these things go smoothly.

After the craziness of Zlata’s takeover last week, this episode seemed tame by comparison. By normal television standards this episode was not tame at all however, so let’s get to it.

Jenn’s life is a mess

At the start of the episode we meet Jenn’s mother, Brenda. She is at the house when Desna arrives to tell Jenn that Zlata is giving her Jenn’s house. Jenn doesn’t want to move her kids out of a good school district so they agree to both live there.

Later, Bryce comes by to bring back the kids and when Jenn tries to talk to him he tells her that he saw a video of her and the rabbi. He doesn’t want to hear her apologies.

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Later, Jenn takes a step in the right direction by going to see the rabbi and end it but he pulls her back in. She had previously agreed to doing a dance competition with him and he convinces her to keep that promise.

Uncle Daddy is coming after Zlata

Having had his entire business, and his wife, taken from him Uncle Daddy wants to take Zlata down. He’s thinking force but Bryce says that they should gather intel first. Roller is to plant listening devices in the house since he’ll be there with his new wife.

Roller is in Zlata’s office when she arrives and has a gun pulled on him. He pretends he was there to get a copy of her book and she seems to buy it. She asks what job he wants before asking Boris (the guy he had a shootout with in last season’s finale) to show him the ropes. Since he’s family now.

Later, Uncle Daddy and Bryce are listening to the audio from Roller’s device when they hear him yelling. They are convinced he is being tortured and rush into the yard. What they find is Roller getting a deep-tissue massage and they believe he has sold them out.

When Roller comes back to the house, Uncle Daddy punches him. Roller quickly corrects them and tells them what he learned. They want to open 10 clinics and they’re importing cocaine from Colombia. This only makes Uncle Daddy more worried. Zlata has to go.

Zlata wants more business

Zlata comes to Dr. Brickman’s clinic to inspect it and is not pleased with the lack of traffic. She plans to open five more clinics but needs to see that the clinics can produce. Desna provides her with several excuses for why the clinic is slow but Zlata doesn’t want to hear it. She tries to motivate Desna by telling her that she’s underestimating herself and asks her to get the numbers up. Or else.

When Desna tells the girls they all have things that they’re not willing to do to drive traffic. That’s when Virginia drops a bomb.

Dean and Virginia

Virgina decides that this is the perfect time to tell Desna that she is pregnant by Dean. This results in Desna chasing her out of the store and eventually yelling at her for not using protection. She is then mad at Virginia when she tells Desna that she and Dean have already decided to get an abortion and that Dean made the appointment. Desna is worried about what this will do to Dean and is near tears.

Later, Desna comes home and tries to ease into the conversation but Dean knows what she’s doing and jumps straight to it. He says he didn’t tell her, the same way she isn’t telling him about the Russians. Secrets are secrets. Desna says she’s not sure he’s thought it through and he says that they aren’t ready for a kid and that she needs to stay out of it.

The proposal

At the clinic, Virginia is having second thoughts. Quiet Ann is there to reassure her that she is making the right choice but Dean leaves, saying he’s going to a store across the street.

He returns with a ring pop and proposes on the spot. Ann is afraid but Dean assures her that Desna already gave her blessing. Despite Virginia saying yes, they do go through with the abortion.

When Virginia tells Desna she flips out again. She says that she gave her blessing with a gun to her head and she is not happy with this situation at all.

The commercial

Desna made the decision that they would drive traffic by shooting a commercial but she has no idea how to get it done. Zlata approves the idea but warns Desna that it better be good.

The girls come together and they try to shoot a serious commercial at the clinic but Dr. Brickman is horrible and keeps messing up his lines. He can’t even get his own name right. It seems hopeless until Desna sees the male dancers and decides that she wants to change the commercial completely.

We come back later and see the guys dancing to “Good Vibrations” with Dr. Brickman running around throwing pills and money. They went from a serious commercial to a hilarious and provocative one.

Later in the episode we see that the line at the clinic is down the block, Zlata is pleased.

The dance

Jenn’s mom went to the house to see Bryce and cook for him. She says she wants to talk about Jenn but she appears to be hitting on him.

At the dance, the girls are there to support Jenn. Everything is fine but then Jenn suddenly sees Bryce’s face on the rabbi’s body. The MC of the event goes from singing the line dance song and is suddenly preaching to Jenn about how she ruined her marriage and her life.

She suddenly stops dancing and runs out of the event.

The fight

She and the girls rush over to Uncle Daddy’s house because Jenn has to see Bryce. Uncle Daddy is meeting with Dr. Ruval in the backyard while the girls are parked in the front. Desna is talking on the phone with Dr. Ruval when she hears fighting inside the house.

When Jenn got to the room she saw her mother going down on her husband and started fighting her. When Bryce tries to break it out she drops him with one punch. As the girls rush in to help break up the fight, Brenda punches Desna and a few people take punches during the fight. Eventually, everyone at the house besides Dr. Ruval is in the room.

As the girls leave, Jenn falls apart. Devastated by what her mom did.

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Thus far, Desna seems to be getting the job done for Zlata. While Zlata is unpredictable she seems to truly believe in Desna and is helping her take her game to another level. At the same time the Dixie Mafia is looking to take Zlata down, likely with the help of Dr. Ruval so it’ll be interesting how Desna reacts when the eventual war begins.

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On the relationship side, Dean and Virginia are engaged and the baby is no longer a problem. Meanwhile, just when Jenn thought she had hit rock bottom she catches her husband with her mother and now thins really can’t get worse for her marriage. We’ll see if this transgression brings Bryce back around but it’s hard to imagine their marriage being anywhere near healthy with all that has transpired.

Claws returns next Sunday on TNT at 9/8 Central as we should get some of these answers.