Big Brother 20 July 1 recap: Tyler Crispen running the BB20 house or not?

Celebrity Big Brother 2 house theme hints provided on social media. (Julie Chen Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Celebrity Big Brother 2 house theme hints provided on social media. (Julie Chen Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 Episode 3 aired on Sunday night (July 1), giving CBS viewers more footage from inside the BB20 house. Who does Tyler Crispen want to go home first?

The Big Brother 20 July 1 recap will be updated below (live) as the episode takes place. This is the first Sunday night episode of the season, so it’s not clear which route CBS and the production team will take. Typically, Sunday’s are used to show how the new Head of Household decided upon their two nominations for eviction. This time, though, HOH Tyler Crispen has already made his choices.

Big Brother 20 recap of previous episodes

As a refresher for viewers and readers, the June 28 episode of the show revealed a lot of new information. That included a confirmation that Tyler Crispen had won the Head of Household Competition. He then had to nominate two people for eviction, but he couldn’t select one of the BB20 cast members who Swaggy C had deemed safe for the week.

In the end, Tyler nominated Steve Arienta and Samantha Bledsoe for eviction. They would have a chance to save themselves from the block during the battle for the Power of Veto. That Veto Competition already took place, but the Veto results were only revealed on the live feeds. No CBS episode has shown them yet. That could change on Sunday night.

The Big Brother 20 July 1 recap

The July 1 episode begins at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday night, and that is when the Inside the BB House recap will begin. That works out to 5 p.m. PT as well. Fans wanting to tune in to find out what takes place can stop by to read the live recap or simply wait for the episode to begin on CBS.

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Episode 3 begins

The July 1 episode picked up following the first Nomination Ceremony, but not until roughly five minutes of recapping what had taken place over the first two weeks. Swaggy C had an interesting Diary Room session, making fun of Tyler’s selections, as he felt that Sam and Steve are not big targets this summer. Sam approached Tyler, but it was in her robot self, so she couldn’t exactly walk away from a difficult situation.

Tyler cries about his nominations (8:06 p.m. ET)

Tyler turned on the waterworks, confirmed in a Diary Room session he had, in order to try to show people he felt bad about the Week 1 nominations. He was certainly playing it up and it worked, as both Steve and JC began discussing how Tyler really felt bad. In reality, he didn’t feel all that bad.

Meanwhile, Sam hosted chat sessions in the Storage Room, giving everyone the ability to talk to her in person (as a robot). At one point, Sam got into an argument with Kaitlyn Kerman, after which, Kaitlyn began bad-mouthing Sam to other BB20 cast members. It was the perfect time for a dramatic fade to commercial.

BB20 cast alliances  (8:15 p.m. ET)

It was time for the CBS show to start revealing some of the duos. The first one shown was Steve Arienta and Scottie Salton, who have developed a really good relationship in the BB20 house. They appear to be a really strong duo moving forward. There was also time spent showing the growing relationship between Swaggy C (Chris Williams) and Bayleigh Dayton. Swaggy C is very worried about this showmance, as he thinks it will make him a target.

Angela Rummons, Rachel Swindler, Winston Hines, Kaycee Clark, Brett Robinson, and Tyler have formed a strong alliance. The group name is Level Six. They agreed to take each other all the way to the end this season. That’s a big revelation from this Big Brother 20 July 1 recap, as this is a group that is working hard behind the scenes about what to do next in the game.

Samantha and Sambot struggle (8:27 p.m. ET)

An entire segment was spent on the struggles that Samantha has been going through in the BB20 house. It showed her bumping into a lot of people and objects as a robot and also being “shunned” (as she put it) when she was in the house as a human. As a reminder, there are times when she has to be the robot and other times when she is allowed to be in the house as herself. At one point she said that “I hate it” when describing her experience in the house.

Time for the BB20 Have-Nots (8:35 p.m. ET)

Tyler had to choose the first four Have-Nots of the summer. They would have to eat slop, take cold showers, and spend time in a very uncomfortable room. Four people did end up volunteering, taking Tyler off the hook. Brett, Winston, Kaitlyn, and Scottie were the volunteers. When they discovered the punishments and the Have-Not rooms, it appeared that they all might have regretted those decisions.

Is Swaggy C running the BB20 house? (8:40 p.m. ET)

Swaggy C began trying to make alliances with nearly everyone in the BB20 house, but he made a mistake trying to draw in Brett, who was solid with his Level Six alliance. Brett took that back to his other alliance members, who started making fun of Swaggy C. This is an important moment within this Big Brother 20 July 1 recap, as it shows how hard he is trying to play the game already. If Swaggy C didn’t already have a target on his back, he does now.

BB App Store (8:50 p.m. ET)

The houseguests were finally introduced to the BB App Store. The way it works is that each week one houseguest will be called the most-trending, based on how many fans are referencing them through the Big Brother app. Trend the most and get a reward (secret power). Trend the least, though, and a punishment is coming their way. The punishment is called receiving a crap app. For the full summer, each houseguest can only win one of the rewards or punishments once. So if someone gets a punishment now, they cannot win a reward later.

Faysal Shafaat received the punishment as the least-trending houseguest. He ended up choosing the Hamazon punishment, which means he will get regular deliveries of vegetarian ham that he has to consume. This is not a punishment that anyone in the BB house would enjoy having.

Sam Bledsoe was named the top-trending houseguest. She got to choose from a selection of possible rewards. She went with “bonus life” in the hopes it could save her from the block. Her power now gives her the ability to return to the game if she has been evicted. It is good through the first four weeks of the game. This could be a way for Sam to take herself off the block if she is sent packing at the first Eviction Ceremony.

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The next episode of Big Brother 20 airs on Wednesday night (July 4) at 9/8c.