Big Brother 20 June 28 recap: Spoilers from Episode 2 include first BB20 HOH

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won the Veto Competition?(Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won the Veto Competition?(Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 Episode 2 is on Thursday, June 28. This is the second part of the two-night season premiere event. A lot of action from the BB20 cast is going to be depicted.

The Big Brother 20 June 28 recap comes from Episode 2 of the young season. It’s a big night on CBS, as the first HOH from the BB20 cast gets revealed. There could also be more surprises in store for viewers, as host Julie Chen also hinted that more information about the Big Brother app. store would get revealed. Start time is 9/8c and this article will serve as a live recap of the entire episode. Here is a recap of the first episode for anyone who needs to get caught up.

Season premiere recap

On the first episode, the 16 new houseguests were introduced to CBS viewers. Once they were done with the introductions, it was time to start playing the game. A first competition took place to assign a new power. One group of eight competed with Angela Rummans winning, and then Swaggy C (Chris Williams) won the second competition. When they faced off head-to-head, Swaggy C beat Angela in an Endurance Challenge.

To close out the night, Swaggy C decided on eight houseguests who would be safe from eviction. He picked Rachel SwindlerAngie “Rockstar” Landby, Brett Robinson, Scottie Salton, Kaycee Clark, Haleigh Brouchner, and Faysal Shafaat.

As a result, the other eight people are/were now at risk. Those eight houseguests are/were Angela RummonsBayleigh DaytonKaitlyn HermanSam BledsoeJC MounduixSteve ArientaTyler Crispen, and Winston Hanes.

Consequently, based on his decisions, Swaggy C now has a few enemies in the BB20 house.

Big Brother 20 Episode 2

The live Big Brother 20 June 28 recap begins here at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET, and Episode 2 should provide a lot of spoilers for fans. It should also give a lot of behind-the-scenes information that has been a secret up to this point. It’s very likely to be even more exciting than the first night of the season premiere.

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Additionally, Kaycee and Samantha received punishments for finishing last in their respective competitions. Therefore, Kaycee has to wear a pinwheel unitard and Sam is now represented in the house by a voice-controlled robot. These punishments will last until the first live Big Brother eviction. It’s going to be a rough week for the ladies.

Tune in Thursday night (June 28) to find out how they handled their respective punishments.

Big Brother 20: Episode 2 gets started (9:00 p.m. ET)

A lot of time was spent on a recap of the season premiere. This led into the first time that the Big Brother 20 introduction has been shown this season. All 16 BB20 houseguests were shown before the titles this time around.

Time is spent showing how some of the houseguests are still upset by the decisions that Swaggy C made when deciding who to keep safe. Rockstar, Angela, and Kaitlyn are showcased, as the three ladies have a meeting about him. He is right outside, listening to every word. Later, Swaggy C and Kaitlyn discuss what took place, as she apologizes.

Sam The Robot

Sam is shown displeased with being a robot, but at least she is able to go “offline” and return as herself to the game. Each time she hears “robot offline,” she can return to the game. But when she hears “robot online,” she must head to the Diary Room and back to her robot room. This would be a very frustrating thing for any houseguest to endure, but at least it comes to an end with the first Eviction Ceremony.

First Big Brother 20 HOH Competition (9:18 p.m. ET)

The eight BB20 houseguests playing for the first Head of Household were Angela RummonsBayleigh DaytonKaitlyn HermanSam BledsoeJC MounduixSteve ArientaTyler Crispen, and Winston Hanes. These are the eight that were deemed to not be safe when Chris (Swaggy C) made his season premiere decisions.

The competition involved balancing on a beam in the backyard and trying to place balls in tubes. Each houseguest had a tube and the object was to fill up everyone else’s tubes first. As soon as 10 balls were in a particular tube, that houseguest was eliminated from the game.

Sam was the first one out. In order, the next houseguests eliminated were Steve, Kaitlyn, Winston, Angela, and JC. That left only Bayleigh and Tyler competing to become the first HOH. In the end, Tyler Crispen becomes the first Big Brother 20 Head of Household.

The BB20 drama begins (9:35 p.m. ET)

Following the HOH Competition, Swaggy C enters a conversation between Faysal and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn states that Angela must go home. Meanwhile, Winston approaches Angela and Rachel with the idea of getting Brett and Kaycee on board with a larger alliance. They also decide that it is time to get Tyler on board with the new alliance as well.

To summarize, that alliance is Winston, Angela, Rachel, Brett, Kaycee, and Tyler.

Nomination discussions (9:41 p.m. ET)

When Winston is having his six-person alliance discussion in the HOH room, Tyler opens up about who he plans to nominate. He thinks that his choices will be Sam and Steve. If one of them wins the Power of Veto, then Bayleigh is the plan for the replacement nominee.

Sam and Tyler (9:47 p.m. ET)

While Sam is trying to speak with Tyler about what is going on, she is forced to turn back into a robot. They continue the conversation, and it ends with Tyler giving Sambot a hug.

Nomination Ceremony (9:55 p.m. ET)

Right before the first Nomination Ceremony, Kaycee received a pinwheel punishment. She had to remain in the backyard while Tyler told the house who he was nominating for eviction. Tyler nominated Sam and Steve for eviction. They will still have a chance to save themselves at the first Veto Competition. Who will win the Power of Veto?

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The next episode of Big Brother 20 airs on Sunday, July 1, and will reveal a lot more that has already taken place in the house. The BB20 cast will likely provide a lot more information when the CBS live feeds get turned on late Thursday evening.