Animal Kingdom: What we want to see in Season 4


Its a good day for Oceanside. The Codys’s are going to be around for another year because Animal Kingdom has been renewed for a fourth season.

There was no doubt that Animal Kingdom would be renewed. The season 3 premiere was the highest rated premiere of the series, and it’s keeping those numbers up. The series is averaging 1.27 million viewers five weeks into its third season. If TNT is following the plans of show creator, John Wells, it will have a long life. He believes the series is a five to six year story, and now we’re more than halfway there.

The crime drama staring Ellen Barkin as matriarch Smurf, along with Shawn Hatosy, Jake Weary, Ben Robson and Finn Cole as her sons and grandson, will return in 2019. I’ve been waiting for this news since May and now I can rest. For a series like Animal Kingdom, it’s hard to make assumptions. Wells is famous enough for creating Shameless, but not many people have heard of the TNT drama; thankfully just enough have. The series has gone from family drama to insane drama since season 1 and it’s clearly just heating up. Season 3 began with Baz’s murder, and the family has been falling apart ever since. Scott Speedman has a new job on Grey’s Anatomy and Baz was killed off to let him go, however Wells promises that they always planned on killing Baz.

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Hopes for season 4

Animal Kingdom has lots of episode used as building blocks. They spend a lot of time building up plots points instead of just running into them and I feel like this whole season was used only to build the next; a 13-episode construction site. An intermission if between Baz’s murder and what will happen in 2019.

Hopefully, with this new season we’ll get more mentions of Lena and fan-favorite Adrian. The daughter of deceased Baz is going through a rough patch this season. From becoming an orphan , to transferring schools. Foster father Pope doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, Deran’s boyfriend (friends with benefits) has a large fan base despite only having been in eight episodes to date. We rarely see him but when he appears, the fandom freaks. He will be in the rest of season three after this upcoming episode. Returning for episode 7, “Low Man.” The pair broke up in season 1 after a domestic abuse storyline, but Deran’s mellowed out and Adrian has more screen time now.

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Will season 4 be more Deran centric? In the movie, it is only Deran, J and Smurf who survive.  Is the series using this as their outline? J and Deran are also friends in the movie, something that has been showing up in the series recently.

What do you think will happen in season 4? Leave your comments below.