10 best Abby moments in NCIS history

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NCIS Season 15, Pauley Perrette
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Abby may not be in NCIS Season 16, but she is certainly not going to be forgotten. With NCIS Season 15 now on Netflix, it’s time to look back at her top moments in the show’s history.

Abby Sciuto is arguably the best character on NCIS. She is warm and nurturing, caring for her friends and looking out for them. When we learned Pauley Perrette was leaving the series, many of us were sad. We knew the show was losing a bright light and a positive role model. After all, she wasn’t afraid to be herself. With NCIS Season 15 now on Netflix, it’s time to look back over the best Abby moments in the show’s history.

There has certainly been a good mixture of cases and episodes involving Abby. We’ve seen her get over her fears of an autopsy, despite the fact that she sleeps in a coffin. Over the years, we’ve watched her love and lose people, sacrifice her happiness for others, and grow into a beautiful soul. Here are the top 10 moments in NCIS history.

10. Saving Tony from going down for a murder he didn’t commit

Back in NCIS Season 3, Tony DiNozzo was accused of murder. In fact, he was framed for murder. A woman’s legs were found at a Marine Corps base and all signs pointed to it being DiNozzo. Of course, it couldn’t be. We knew it, Gibbs knew it, and Abby knew it. Out of everyone, Abby was the one in a position of being able to do something.

She managed to go through the evidence and find the clue that pointed towards the real suspect. Abby was the one that helped save the day and it’s not surprising to learn that this is also one of Perrette’s favorite episodes of the series.