10 best Abby moments in NCIS history

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9. Abby becoming Marilyn Monroe

In NCIS Season 4, we got to see Abby in a way that we never expected. The series has done a few Halloween episodes over the years, but this is the one that stands out. While Abby doesn’t have a major part in the case, she does have a standout moment in the episode.

Our Gothic forensic scientist becomes Marilyn Monroe in the episode. And yes, she absolutely kicks it as the legendary film star.

8. The painful flashbacks

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The 10th season gave Abby more growth and we got more backstory. When a case involves the murder of a marine and young baby, we get a flashback episode for Abby. Brighton Sharbino is perfect as a young Abby, who tries her hardest to bring a family together. Unfortunately, her efforts don’t play out and this plays on Abby’s mind in the present.

“Hit and Run” also gave us a beautiful moment between Gibbs and Abby; something we didn’t get much of in NCIS Season 15. Gibbs is the one that’s able to help pull Abby out of her depression, by reminding Abby of all the good she’s done over the years.

7. Abby the animal rights activist

NCIS Season 5, Episode 13 gave us another insight into our loveable and kindhearted forensic scientist. We saw her as an animal rights activist, who is definite that the dog that attacked McGee was not responsible for a murder. She’s certain there’s a human involved.

There are some excellent moments throughout this episode of Abby with her new four-legged friend. Who didn’t want this dog to become a routine guest star in the series to double up with Abby? Plus, Abby was able to prove her theory was right, saving the dog and making us all extremely happy.