Colony season 3, episode 10: Sea Spray

COLONY -- "Sea Spray" Episode 310 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman, Josh Holloway as Will Bowman -- (Photo by: Eric Milner/USA Network)
COLONY -- "Sea Spray" Episode 310 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman, Josh Holloway as Will Bowman -- (Photo by: Eric Milner/USA Network) /

On this week’s Colony, the Bowmans are back on one accord as they reveal what they’ve learned about the Seattle bloc. Meanwhile, Snyder and Kynes continue to play a game of chess they each think they’re in control of.

Colony continues to get better as more of the bigger picture is revealed to both the audience, and our characters. Instead of a flashback this week, we get a look inside how Keynes is using the outliers. We also see the aftermath of Will’s interrogation of Snyder in how it affects him, his family, and Snyder.

The pieces are coming together and this episode gives us an idea as to what’s coming next for our protagonists.

Keynes’ men

At the start of the episode we see a Seattle resident walking into a boxing gym and telling one of Keynes’ men, Harris (E.J. Bonilla), that he’s been casing an armory. He’s ready for a strike but Keynes’ man is able to hold him off for the time being.

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Harris then reports back to Keynes that their guys, the outliers, are looking for something real to do. Keynes seems aware of all of these outliers and says that they won’t have to wait much longer for a mission. It’s clear now that Keynes chess game also includes manipulating the outliers without them realizing it. He’s in full control.

Snyder does some digging

After the events of the previous episode, Snyder is eerily relaxed. He has his man, Scott Garland (John Hoogenakker), in town to visit with him. They go to meet a young man who is on the community patrol. The kid looks like he could be Garland’s son. They ask him questions about the double-homicide (Broussard’s hit) and the guy tells them that those types of calls are handled by a secretive unit that shows up in plainclothes in unmarked cars. Community patrol is supposed to act like they don’t exist.

Back at the hotel, Garland tells Snyder that the Bowmans are in the city legit which surprises him. He reveals that Kynes’ deal with the hosts calls for him to turn over any outliers that come into Seattle. If he knows Will is an outlier and didn’t turn him in, he’s breaking that deal. They believe this is the secret he’s been keeping but they need more evidence than just Will.

The Bowmans talk

Back at the Bowman household, Katie approaches Will again to talk. She says she’s never seen him like he was at the end of the last episode (sobbing) and he finally is ready to talk also.

Will reveals that the people in Seattle already know who they are. He also tells her about what happened with Snyder, that Broussard helped him, and that they left her out because they thought she was happy there. Katie says that she realized that the colony isn’t safe and offers to see if she can dig up anything about other outliers that day at work.

Amy is out

At Broussard’s place, Amy repeats that she will not work with Will. When Broussard refuses to budge, she tells him that she wants him out of her house before she gets back from work.

Later, when Will and Broussard plan to figure out how to get across to the island, it becomes clear that the only way there is by ferry. Will suggests using Amy because, as a doctor, she was the one likely to have clearance. That’s when Broussard makes him aware of her issues with him.

Katie gets intel

At her job, Katie ends up having to threaten to lie on her boss if she won’t get her the information she needs. She gets Will’s file first, to confirm what he told her. Her boss reveals that there are hundreds of outliers in Seattle and that they are all fast-tracked into the colony. Katie has her print out a list.

Katie immediately goes to Broussard and he’s excited to learn that there are so many of them there.

Snyder and Kynes

We then get another Snyder vs. Kynes showdown. Snyder goes to confront Kynes about the murder and theft that happened in the bloc and Kynes plays it cool. He downplays the missing material and says that it’s not a threat to anyone. Snyder demands to talk to the people handling the investigation and Kynes directs him to the people that he assigned to his security detail.

Snyder meets with Harris and Montoya who give him absolutely nothing. It’s clear they have no interest in sharing with him what they do or where they are with the investigation. They’re also very loyal to Kynes. After they leave the meeting, Garland grabs one of their glasses in a plastic bag.


Katie, Will, and Broussard go to visit one of the men on the list at his store. It’s the guy from the beginning who met with Harris. They set him up to test him and he passes with flying colors. They eventually get him comfortable enough to admit that he was in the Navy, training to be a SEAL when the arrival took place. (he calls RAPs “Morks”). He has a team but he’s nervous to share with Will and his crew. He asks for a copy of the list and says he’ll reach out to them if it checks out. Before they leave, Broussard says he hopes they’re all that good.

After this, Will goes to visit Amy at work and tells her that he didn’t kill Snyder. She tells him that she knows some doctors that could help him but he doesn’t want that. He begs her not to discard Broussard over him. He seems to imply that there are feelings there from one end or the other but doesn’t make it clear.


At the end of the episode, Bram takes Gracie to his girlfriend’s house where they have dinner because their parents didn’t come home.

Snyder and Garland tested the fingerprint from the glass and confirm that one of Kynes’ men was previously in the Army. They’ve now confirmed that it’s more than Will. Garland says that it is reckless of Kynes to have these guys running around and that Kynes is typically a careful guy. Because of this, Snyder says they shouldn’t report him. They’ll make their own reckless move and see how he responds.

The episode ends with Katie and Will walking through a park and putting their plan together. A guy bumps Will and leaves a message in his pocket. A meeting has been set up.

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Next episode

This was yet another big episode. Most fans are happy to see Will and Katie are back together as a team, and now they have a mission. With a meeting between the outliers on the horizon we have to believe they’ll plan a major assault of some sort. However, Snyder is aware of them and will be making a play, while Kynes is also aware of them and is likely expecting them to make a play at some point.

We’ll have to find out where we’re headed next week as Colony returns Wednesday at 10/9 Central on USA Network.