Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from July 12 episode

Big Brother 20: July 19 episode preview, Brett or Winston goes home. (Winston Hines Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS)
Big Brother 20: July 19 episode preview, Brett or Winston goes home. (Winston Hines Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 has to evict another houseguest during the Thursday night episode. Will it be Swaggy C or Winston Hines that joins Steve Arienta outside of the BB20 house?

Big Brother 20 recap time arrives again with the July 12 episode. This report on Inside the BB House will serve as a live recap of the episode. It’s time for the second Eviction Ceremony of the summer 2018 season. Last week, Steve Arienta was evicted by a 7-6 vote, with Sam Bledsoe surviving to continue playing the game.

Kaitlyn Herman is the Head of Household and she constructed a plan with Tyler Crispen to send Swaggy C right out the front door. Would they be successful with their plan? Or could the episode hold some shocking twists for the houseguests?

Big Brother 20 recap: Who goes home next?

The central theme of the July 12 episode will be the second Eviction Ceremony, and who goes home next. That’s not all, though, as a new Head of Household could possibly shake things up. Find out who the next HOH is during the live recap here at Inside the BB House. Kaitlyn Herman will have to sit out as the outgoing HOH, but Tyler Crispen is eligible to play again.

Level Six alliance unbeatable?

If the rest of the BB20 house isn’t careful, the Level Six alliance could maintain control in the game. Rachel Swindler, Tyler Crispen, Winston Hines, Brett Robinson, Kaycee Clark, and Angela Rummans will try to keep the power on their side of the house with another competition win on Thursday night.

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The Big Brother 20 start time for Thursday night is 9/8c on CBS. Tune in here for updates on the spoilers that come out during the “live” episode.

Big Brother 20 recap: Episode 8 begins on July 12

The “previously on Big Brother segment” went all the way back to when Sam Bledsoe got her special power. The flashbacks worked forward toward Kaitlyn and Tyler working together on a plan to get out Swaggy C. It included the eviction target showing a lot of confidence that it was Winston going home next.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn was making moves against her former alliance. Then, at the Veto Meeting, Tyler saved Scottie Salton from the block. Production dropped some hints about Sam possibly using her special power to save Swaggy C. Would she do that? We will all find out on the July 12 episode of Big Brother.

Host Julie Chen and Post-Veto Ceremony reactions

It’s Day 23 in the Big Brother house as confirmed by Julie Chen to open the episode. Before they could get to the “live” section of the show, it was time to look back at what took place following the Veto Ceremony. Tyler stated in a Diary Room session that he was pretty excited about how things had gone. Kaitlyn also revealed during her own Diary Room session that her original alliance is officially “over.”

Faysal confronts Kaitlyn

Faysal was frustrated and confused (his words) that the two people he trusted the most in the house had turned on each other. He is close with Swaggy C in the house and felt blindsided that Kaitlyn targeted him.

Winston and Swaggy C scramble for votes

Both of the nominees were working the houseguests to make sure that they had the necessary support for the upcoming Eviction Ceremony. It appeared that Sam Bledsoe could be the vote necessary to force a tie. It was also brought up during her Diary Room session that she could “maybe” use the bonus app to save him. The Big Brother 20 recap for the July 12 episode continues following a long commercial break.

The ‘live’ eviction vote

Bayleigh Dayton was up first, and she voted to evict Winston. Brett Robinson was up next, and he voted to evict Swaggy C. Kaycee voted to evict Christopher (Swaggy) and Tyler voted against Swaggy. Heading to another commercial break, that made three votes against Swaggy C and one vote against Winston.

Rockstar voted against Winston, Haleigh Broucher voted against Winston, Faysal voted against Winston, and suddenly the vote was 4-3 to send out Winston. Five votes were left. Scottie voted against Chris (Swaggy), JC voted against Swaggy C, Angela voted against Swaggy, and Rachel also voted against Swaggy, making it official that he was going home. Sam ended it by voting against Swaggy to make it an 8-4 eviction vote.

Tyler reveals Level Six alliance

During the goodbye messages that Swaggy C watched with host Julie Chen, Tyler Crispen revealed his Level Six alliance during his message. Could this have been a huge mistake? It’s possible that Swaggy C is getting sequestered for a Battle Back Competition and isn’t actually going home. Now, he has some very valuable information that could get brought up later on down the line.

July 12 HOH Competition

Wrapping up the Big Brother 20 recap from July 12 was the third HOH Competition of the summer. The 13 competitors had to watch a video and then answer questions about it. Missing a question would eliminate people from the competition. The last person standing would get crowned as the new Head of Household. The new HOH is Scottie Salton.

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Big Brother 20 returns on Sunday night (July 15) at 8/7c on CBS with the newest episode.