Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from July 5 episode include first eviction for BB20 cast

Big Brother 20 rumors: How does Bonus Life power work? (Sam Bledsoe Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 rumors: How does Bonus Life power work? (Sam Bledsoe Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 brings Episode 5 on Thursday night. The July 5 episode is going to include the first Eviction Ceremony of the season. As such, a number of Big Brother 20 spoilers are going to come from it.

This Big Brother 20 recap will be a live presentation from Inside the BB House. As the BB20 cast makes its first eviction vote of the summer, readers can come by and learn how it all turns out. It could be an exciting night for the houseguests, as there is drama surrounding who could get evicted first. It’s between Samantha Bledsoe and Steve Arienta on Thursday night.

A quick Big Brother 20 recap

Earlier on July 5, the two sides of the BB20 house were counting votes. It gives a hint about what might happen on Thursday night for readers who might want to read ahead. On Wednesday night (July 4), the latest episode of the show aired on CBS. From that Big Brother 20 recap, viewers found out that Faysal Shafaat had won the Power of Veto. He decided not to use the Veto, meaning the nominations would stay the same. These are the nominees that Head of Household Tyler Crispen wanted in place for the first week.

July 5 episode preview

This is the first “live” Big Brother episode of the summer. It’s a big deal, as producers have been showing a lot of taped footage up to this point. The houseguests were playing the game for a week before the season premiere even debuted. Live is in parentheses, though, as it’s only live for the East Coast. Consequently, a tape delay happens in every other time zone.

This live Big Brother 20 recap for the July 5 episode will begin at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET. Viewers will get to see the houseguests debating on who should get voted out. By the end of the episode, the 13 voters will decide who becomes the first BB20 cast member evicted this summer. If there is time left, CBS viewers might also get to see the next Head of Household Competition.

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Will the house vote out Sam Bledsoe or Steve Arienta? Tune in to find out. The excitement is palpable.

Previously on Big Brother (9:00 p.m. ET)

A recap of the July 4 episode was shown, but there was also a lot of information from before that. It included Sam winning the trending power, Kaycee getting a punishment, and then the results of the Veto Competition. The Veto Ceremony was also shown before they went to the opening credits.

Julie Chen announcement (9:05 p.m. ET)

To open the “live” part of the July 5 episode, host Julie Chen revealed some specifics about the special power that Sam Bledsoe possesses. If she uses her bonus life, she will have a chance to play in a competition tonight to return to the BB20 house. Will she need it following the first Eviction Ceremony of the summer?

The drama begins (9:07 p.m. ET)

A lot of footage following the Veto Ceremony filled up the first portions of the show. Steve reacted to Faysal not using the Power of Veto to save him and spoke in a Diary Room session about needing to get the votes on his side. The rest of the BB20 house also started counting the votes.

It was then time for some humor, as JC got married to Sambot. Meanwhile, Hayleigh Broucher was fighting the urge to have a showmance with Faysal Shafaat. Consequently, Kaitlyn saw it taking place, and was frustrated about it.

Alliances ahead of the Big Brother 20 July 5 eviction vote (9:13 p.m. ET)

The Level Six alliance of Kaycee Clark, Winston Hines, JC Mounduix, Brett Robinson, Angela Rummans, and Rachel Swindler was ready to vote out Steve and save Sam. They only had six of the necessary seven votes, though, so they would need to get another vote to sway things. When Kaitlyn went to Tyler and cried about Faysal showing interest in Hayleigh, he saw a possible opening.

On the other side of the BB20 house, at this point, was Bayleigh DaytonScottie Salton, Faysal ShafaatChris Williams (Swaggy C), Haleigh Broucher, Kaitlyn Herman, and Angie Lantry (Rockstar). In the middle was Kaitlyn, making her a direct swing vote that would affect the first Eviction Ceremony of summer 2018.

BB20 eviction vote (9:22 p.m. ET)

Scottie was the first one up, and he voted to evict Sam. Next up was JC, who voted to evict Steve. Swaggy C voted against Sam, Bayleigh voted against Sam, Rachel voted against Steve, and Kaycee also voted against Steve. At this point, the vote was 3-3 and it was time to take another commercial break. This Big Brother 20 recap from the July 5 episode will continue in a moment.

Eviction vote continued (9:29 p.m. ET)

Faysal and Haleigh were up next, and they voted against Sam. Rachel and Brett then voted against Steve, making it 5-5 in the updated tally. Winston voted against Steve and then Kaitlyn voted against Steve as well. This made it official, with the notable Big Brother 20 spoilers from the night revealing that Steve Arienta was evicted. Rockstar voted last, trying to evict Sam, but it was too late.

This news came as a big shock to the houseguests not in the Level Six alliance or named Kaitlyn. After the eviction, Sam showed how happy she was to have remained in the BB20 house.

Big Brother 20 recap continued (9:37 p.m. ET)

Host Julie Chen met with Steve Arienta after he had been evicted on a 7-6 vote. Steve was very shocked, believing he had an alliance with all the guys. A montage was shown where he had a hard time not talking about law enforcement in the BB20 house and Julie Chen gave him a hard time about it after trying to hide that he used to be an undercover cop.

Live Head of Household Competition (9:45 p.m. ET)

Before going to a final, long commercial break, Julie Chen mentioned that the live Head of Household Competition would be coming up after the break. This is a very important moment from this Big Brother 20 recap on July 5, as it will reveal who takes over the power in the BB20 house.

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The 14 houseguests participating in the HOH Competition went to the backyard (Tyler had to sit out). Each one would take a turn launching a ball into a map with jobs associated with each spot. Each job had a salary associated with it. The houseguest to get the highest salary would be crowned the new Head of Household.

Kaitlyn Herman is the new Head of Household.