Big Brother 20 spoilers: Least-trending houseguest revealed for Week 3

Big Brother 21: Bringing back BB App Store could work. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 21: Bringing back BB App Store could work. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

The BB App Store opened up again on Friday (July 13). Now, there is a new houseguest with a secret power and another one suffering through a punishment.

Big Brother 20 spoilers from the CBS live feeds now include the revelation of the least-trending houseguest. The BB App Store just opened up again, with producers turning off the cameras for the live feed subscribers. When they were turned back on, the least-trending houseguest was seen having a chat. The most-trending houseguest is not yet known, but a new power has been unleashed on the BB20 house.

Week 3 least-trending houseguest

Haleigh Broucher is now the least-trending houseguest. As such, she had to pick a Crap App from the BB App Store. Rachel Swindler commiserated with her for a bit, as she was the one who was deemed least-trending last week. As such, Rachel had to deal with a reviewer yelling at her for about 24 hours in the BB20 house. That included when she was trying to sleep at night.

Big Brother 20 spoilers about Haleigh

It appears that Haleigh went with the Hamlet app in the BB App Store. It was never clarified what this punishment actually meant. Live feed viewers may have to wait for a little while longer to learn the extent of her punishment. Either Haleigh doesn’t really know it yet, or hasn’t decided to share it with the other houseguests. This should get revealed during the next episode of the show, but some more details could get revealed later on Friday. Those Big Brother 20 spoilers, along with the names of the Week 3 nominees should be very interesting pieces of information coming out over the next few hours.

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The next Big Brother 20 episode is on Sunday, July 15 at 8/7c on CBS.