Big Brother 20 spoilers: No Battle Back Competition for Swaggy C

Big Brother 20: Fessy, Swaggy C playing basketball for charity. (Chris Williams Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20: Fessy, Swaggy C playing basketball for charity. (Chris Williams Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers have become evident through social media. Though some fans predicted a Battle Back Competition, Swaggy C is unlikely to get a second shot.

Swaggy C was evicted during the July 12 episode of the show. The Eviction Ceremony did not go as he had hoped, with the rest of Big Brother 20 cast sending him home on an 8-4 vote. There were immediate rumors that he could get sequestered and return for a Battle Back Competition.

Shortly after getting evicted, Swaggy C showed up on social media. Posting to his Twitter account, he began speaking about his time in the house. He even sent messages to former houseguests, including Evel Dick Donato.

The end of Swaggy C?

Now, it’s possible that these Big Brother 20 spoilers are just conjecture. Producers could always figure out a way to bring Swaggy C back this summer. As it stands, though, he has been able to watch the live feeds, he has seen past episodes, and he is interacting with people outside of the house. At this point, it wouldn’t exactly be fair to let him return to the game.

The video above was posted by Swaggy C once he had been evicted from the game. It gives his thoughts on a number of issues, addressing a lot of thoughts that fans had about him this season. He has been extremely active on Twitter after that, even calling Bayleigh Dayton “wife” in a recent post.

Big Brother 20 spoilers: No Battle Back (yet)

The news that Swaggy C won’t return also seems to indicate that Steve Arienta is done as well. Both BB20 cast members could return for the season finale in September, but they are likely done with appearances on the regular show. It’s also important to point out that these Big Brother 20 spoilers don’t state that a Battle Back Competition can’t take place later.

It’s still possible that the last few people evicted before the BB20 jury gets formed could get a shot at returning. Another scenario would be a BB20 jury competition, allowing someone to return to the game much later than usual.

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Chris Williams (Swaggy C) has the type of personality that would be perfect as a returning houseguest in a future season. For now, fans can check out his Twitter feed, as he addresses Big Brother 20 spoilers when they come out on the live feeds as well.