Big Brother 20 rumors: How does Bonus Life power work?

Big Brother 20 rumors: How does Bonus Life power work? (Sam Bledsoe Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 rumors: How does Bonus Life power work? (Sam Bledsoe Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 rumors about the Bonus Life power continue to come up on social media. This is the secret power that Sam Bledsoe did not use but will have a big impact during Week 4 in the house.

Samantha Bledsoe was the top-trending houseguest early in the game. Forced to be a robot for half her time in the game, it really got social media buzzing with her name. As a result, she ended up getting a Bonus Life power. As written, it affords an evicted houseguest the chance to return. She kept it in her pocket, rather than using it to possibly save Steve Arienta, Swaggy C, or Winston Hines. Now, a lot of Big Brother 20 rumors address what it could mean.

The Bonus Life power rules

Sam was required to use the Bonus Life power within the first three weeks. If she didn’t, it would automatically go to the Week 4 evicted houseguest. This means that whoever gets evicted on July 26 is going to get a chance to return to the BB20 house. The new HOH already revealed their Week 4 nominations.

Big Brother 20 rumors about the power

Host Julie Chen noted that there is a challenge associated with the Bonus Life power. It involves the evicted houseguest, but that’s all the information that was revealed to the CBS audience. It could mean that the evicted houseguest has to do a form of Battle Back Competition. That might involve going one-on-one against the current Head of Household. If the HOH wins, the eviction remains intact. It’s also possible that the evicted houseguest could play in the next HOH Competition, winning re-entry by becoming the HOH.

All three powers are still intact, making for an interesting situation in the BB20 house. Tyler Crispen still has his Cloud power, where he can avoid nominations for the week. Bayleigh Dayton also still has her Identity Theft power as well. With it, she can take over the nominations of a Head of Household. Those powers could come into play very soon, as alliances are really starting to get shaken up.

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As for the Big Brother 20 rumors about Sam Bledsoe’s power, it will all get addressed by host Julie Chen during the July 26 episode. For readers who want to jump ahead, a previous report by Inside the BB House already covers spoilers on the plans of the Week 4 Power of Veto winner.