What happened on Big Brother last night? A busy episode for BB20 cast

A lot of fans want to know what happened on Big Brother last night. The July 22 episode covered a lot of ground, including who won the latest HOH Competition.

The July 22 episode was an eventful one. First off, the Big Brother 20 cast was shown completing its latest Head of Household Competition. This one was an Endurance Challenge, with the power in the house on the line. A more extensive breakdown of that is available in the July 22 recap. Sam Bledsoe won the competition, taking charge of the BB20 house. It also meant that she would have to pick two people to nominate for eviction.

Nomination Ceremony on Big Brother last night

Sam Bledsoe nominated Haleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman for eviction. Sam told them that “they take the most from the house and contribute the least.” She also went on to say that she didn’t like the way they treated the young men in the house and that they are “the opposite of female empowerment.” It was certainly a Nomination Ceremony that fans will remember.

The JC Mounduix and Bayleigh Dayton conversation

Another noteworthy moment that happened on Big Brother last night was producers showing a conversation between JC and Bayleigh. This was actually a conversation that took place a while ago in the BB20 house, but that hadn’t been presented to the CBS audience yet.

Bayleigh asked JC the difference between midgets and dwarfs. JC responded by saying that, “Midget is like saying gay and f****t or, like, N-word and black.” He was trying to let her know that using the term midget was extremely offensive to him, but Baleigh did not like his approach. One major problem she had, was that he used the full tern instead of just saying N-word, to begin with.

Bayleigh responded by saying, “You’re not allowed to say that. Don’t do that again. That was, like, out of control.” In her reaction to him, she used the words midget and f****t, but, excused it by saying she was just quoting JC. An argument ended up happening and she stormed out of the room. Later, JC would come back to try to explain himself further and they had a heart-to-heart conversation about the topic. It ended with a hug, but that only started the debate on social media.

Readers and viewers should form their own opinions on what took place and the streaming episode is linked above.

Next episode of Big Brother 20

On July 25, CBS viewers will get to see what took place during the Veto Competition this past weekend. For readers who want to learn those spoilers ahead of time, a previous report has been posted by Inside the BB House. It includes the plans of the Power of Veto winner.

Stay tuned folks, because this season of Big Brother still may have more fireworks to come.