Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who goes home next from BB20 cast? HOH has plan for a tie vote

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who goes home next from BB20 cast? (Rachel Swindler Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who goes home next from BB20 cast? (Rachel Swindler Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers from the CBS live feeds hint at a specific houseguest going home next. On July 26, the BB20 cast will hold its Week 4 Eviction Ceremony “live” during the episode.

A lot of discussions have been taking place on the live feeds over the past few days. Many of them revolve around the upcoming eviction vote and who each houseguest feels is the right person to be evicted. When the Week 4 Veto Ceremony took place on Monday (July 23), it created a scenario where indecisiveness rules the game. As a reminder of those Big Brother 20 spoilers, Faysal Shafaat saved Haleigh Broucher from the block.

Sam Bledsoe then named Rockstar as the replacement nominee. During the July 26 episode, either Rockstar or Kaitlyn Herman is getting evicted from the BB20 house.

A look at the Week 4 eviction votes

With 13 houseguests left, there are just 10 votes at the Week 4 Eviction Ceremony. If there is a 5-5 tie, then Sam will break that tie as the current Head of Household. Regarding those votes, they keep shifting, especially when Sam has been so coy about revealing who she really wanted to get evicted this week. At last glance on the CBS live feeds, it appeared that she wants Kaitlyn to be evicted.

JC Mounduix wants Kaitlyn evicted as soon as possible. Tyler Crispen wants Rockstar evicted. The reasoning for JC is that Kaitlyn is unpredictable, while Tyler feels he can still control Kaitlyn. This situation may put them on the opposite sides of an eviction vote for the first time this summer. Tyler can’t tell JC that he has been working with Kaitlyn all summer, so it’s an interesting position.

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Big Brother 20 spoilers: Projecting the Week 4 vote

Angela Rummons, Rachel Swindler, and JC had a chat about voting out Kaitlyn on Tuesday night (July 24). Their plan was to also bring Bayleigh Dayton to their side of the vote. But, Angela and Rachel are also in the pocket of Tyler, so it is more likely that they side with him and their Level Six alliance in the end.

If the Level Six alliance does stick together, that would be Angela, Rachel, Tyler, Kaycee Clark, and Brett Robinson voting out Rockstar. It could then put JC, Haleigh Broucher, Bayleigh, Scottie Salton, and Faysal Shafaat as people voting out Kaitlyn. In that event, it would be a 5-5 tie. Sam already spoke with Rockstar and Kaitlyn. She has stated that if there is a tie, she will randomly draw the name of the person going home.

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Tyler is working as hard as he can on nearly every houseguest to get Rockstar evicted. He is spinning a lot of lies about who Rockstar will target if she stays in the BB20 house while trying very hard to hide his alliance with Kaitlyn. It opens the door for more Big Brother 20 spoilers about the eviction vote to come out on the live feeds. As of Wednesday morning, nothing is set in stone, other than Sam’s plan, due to her stating that she is scared to break a tie.