Big Brother live feeds: Why was Tyler hiding under HOH bed?

Tyler Crispen is the most popular houseguest in the BB20 cast. (Tyler Crispen Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Tyler Crispen is the most popular houseguest in the BB20 cast. (Tyler Crispen Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother live feeds footage has presented a lot of new information to the online subscribers. On Wednesday (July 25), though, viewers got to see a very surprising moment taking place in the HOH Room.

Normally, the Big Brother live feeds can provide more insight into what goes on with the cast. That didn’t really explain a really odd moment that took place on Wednesday afternoon. As previously reported by Inside the BB House, Sam Bledsoe called out Tyler Crispen for his alliance with Kaitlyn Herman. She couldn’t figure out why he wanted to vote out Rockstar and save Kaitlyn. He left the HOH Room and returned a bit later, which is when things got crazy.

The Big Brother live feeds

Rockstar rang the doorbell of the Head of Household Room and Sam told Tyler to hide. He hid under the bed and Sam answered the door, inviting Rockstar to come in for a chat.

Fans watching the Big Brother live feeds couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A lot of people didn’t understand why Sam didn’t just ask Tyler to leave the room. Either way, Rockstar took part in what she thought was a private conversation but had her trust betrayed by Sam. Could that become an issue later on in the season? This certainly wasn’t providing “female empowerment” for her fellow houseguest.

Big Brother 20 full of surprises

During the July 26 episode of the show, a fourth member of the BB20 cast is going to get evicted. There was additional information provided on the Big Brother live feeds about which way the vote might go, but there is still a lot left up in the air. It could come down to a tie vote, for which Sam also has an alternative plan. Will it be Kaitlyn Herman or Rockstar going home next? Viewers may need to tune in to the “live” episode to find out for sure.

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The house is going through a lot of chaos today, meaning more information could come out on the Big Brother live feeds before the next Eviction Ceremony. Will Sam convince people to vote out Kaitlyn? Or will she really use her current plan for a tiebreaker?