Colony season 3, episode 13: What Goes Around

COLONY -- "Bonzo" Episode 312 -- Pictured: Josh Holloway as Will Bowman -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)
COLONY -- "Bonzo" Episode 312 -- Pictured: Josh Holloway as Will Bowman -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network) /

On last night’s Colony finale we finally learned what the aliens look like and all of our main characters began new chapters. The cancellation of the show leaves us with a ton of cliffhangers however.

The Colony season finale was bittersweet as it also served as the series finale. There was speculation that the writers were prepared for this to potentially be the end but based on the way it ended, that was definitely not the case.

Our finale felt more like a new beginning for each of our characters as the season came to an incredibly dramatic end. There was an ending, however, for one of our recurring characters so let’s dive in.

They’re here

The episode starts with Helena and the rest of those at the top of the chain in the IGA. She announces to the room that the second alien race (the RAP’s enemies) is attacking and that they expect a few colonies to be lost in the battle. As they scramble to figure out what to do, we hear shooting outside and then bodies start falling inside the room. Helena and a few others take off but they all slowly start falling one by one. Helena stops and turns around and the alien (which had been cloaked) reveals itself to her, before killing her. My initial thoughts were that this was the enemy attacking but after some reflection, the RAP’s may have been cleaning house. This alien looks like the one that Kynes was doing the training with so either it’s a RAP or Kynes was working with the enemy.

Catching up with the Bowmans

When we last left Will he was off on his own walking through the streets. When we find him, he’s slept overnight in an empty apartment and when he leaves he’s captured by the grey hats. We then jump to the community patrol headquarters where Katie is looking to speak with the man in charge but Bram sends her home. He basically threatens to turn her in and when she asks where Gracie is, Bram says she’s safe. He’s decided that she’s his responsibility now.

More from Drama

Will’s interrogation

When Garland reports back to Snyder about Will’s capture he gets no reaction. Snyder then tells him about the invasion and tells him that the headquarters in Davos (where Helena was) is quiet. He has a phone to call the hosts but is hesitant to do so because he is wondering if they are on the wrong side of the war, an important thought if Kynes was already working with the enemy.

When Snyder talks to Will he reveals that the factory was destroyed. Remember, Will’s friend was sent to the factory. He then reveals to Will that they need 150 Outliers to turn themselves in so they can be turned over to the Hosts. Will doesn’t believe him but is glad that he’s being let out. Before departing, Snyder says he hopes he never sees Will or his family again. The way he says it makes it seems like that’s not how he actually felt.

Relaying the message

Will goes back to tell the other Outliers what Snyder told him. None of them, including Will, is sure what they should believe but they’re short on options. With Kynes out of commission Amy is encouraging Broussard to step up so he does. He suggests that they go back to the armory for the weapons. O’Neill pushes back initially but when Broussard explains his plan he jumps on board.

Amy and Katie part 2

In the last episode these two ladies had an awkward exchange and this one doesn’t go much better. After the guys leave, Katie arrives at their hideout. Amy initially pulls a gun on her and questions how she found her before Katie lets her know the guys at the gym directed her there. Amy then, randomly, opens up about her boyfriend and how he was sent to the factory. She then mentions that the factory was destroyed and that her boyfriend was killed. Katie believes that her sister was there also which means that she is dead. I don’t recall any reason why Amy would have had that information however, so this brings us back to her randomly showing up to Broussard with a superficial wound.

Battle of the armory 2

Before the assault, we see Bram pledging his allegiance to the IGA and Snyder. It’s unclear if he’s truly going to be loyal or if he’s trying to get on the inside. At the armory, Broussard and Will go in with 10 men. The other part of Broussard’s plan was to have the rest of their guys cover the entrances and ambush the team that responds to their breach. Bram is in that group and he watches his friends and coworkers die before ducking away.

Inside, Will and Broussard are pinned down until Will takes a risky move sliding on the floor to take out two men. Broussard calls him out for the tactic. They secure the weapons and then receive a dispatch from Buenos Aires. The person on the intercom says that they are under attack from the invaders.

Katie and Will’s last exchange

After the weapons are secured Katie confronts Will about including Bram on his mission to capture Snyder. He throws back at her that she endangered the whole family joining the resistance in the first place. She stops the argument and says that they have no family or friends anymore and need each other. When he says that they’re better off without him she begs him not to quit on them.

Will says he doesn’t know how to dig himself out of the hole he’s in and she tells him that he doesn’t need to pretend to be okay. Katie asks Will if he knew Bram had a girlfriend and shows him a picture. Will didn’t know and he says that they failed their kids. Katie agrees but says that they can fix it. She’s going to try to find Gracie. As she starts to leave, Will stops her and tells her he’s proud of her for always fighting for what matters. He tells her that he’ll find her after and she leaves.

Had the series continued, it’s likely they don’t see each other for some time but knowing that it’s over this is a painful final exchange between the two. There’s no love from Will and Katie is hanging on to the remaining shell of a husband because he’s all she has. In this scene they don’t hug, kiss, or exchange “I love you’s.” They’ve fallen apart painfully following the death of their son.

The sacrifice

Kynes wakes up and starts talking to Amy about Bellevue. Broussard walks in for some direction. When he leaves, he seems to be convinced that he needs to send 150 Outliers to the IGA. He tells the group, and after no one steps up, Will volunteers. It’s clear Broussard isn’t happy about it but he allows it and others step up as well. Will tells them that if they want to do something with a purpose, this is it.

Cutthroat Snyder

Snyder rounds up all of the people who worked for Kynes for a meeting. He starts by telling them that they can leave if they want and only one person does. He then asks for Roy and shoot him in the head at the table. Roy was the guy who helped Kynes build the network and Snyder killed him for wiping the data. At that point, he tells the rest that they committed to him by not leaving when he offered the chance. They are shaken.

Final moves for the Bowmans

Gracie and Bram

Back at his girlfriend’s house, Bram has a conversation with Gracie and tells her that their parents got involved in some things. Gracie is disappointed but Bram assures her that they love her.


Katie makes it outside the gates and gets the address to Bram’s girlfriend’s house from her boss. She tells her boss that she wasn’t fair to her but she tells Katie that she did what she had to. Seemingly understanding.


Back at the IGA headquarters in town, Will and the 149 other volunteers turn themselves in to go what would likely be a space war.

Snyder’s last move

Back near a wall we see tons of drones exiting and heading toward space. We hadn’t seen any in Seattle before because Kynes didn’t use them but they were always there. Snyder then receives the news about the 150 Outliers turning themselves in and is relieved because the RAP’s would defend them. He is, however, worried that things could go bad for them if they don’t handle things correctly going forward.

After learning that he has his Outliers, Snyder orders the gates to be shut. No warning for those on the outside, he just wants them shut. Unfortunately, this means Katie is on the outside.

Broussard makes it to the Bellevue location and meets with the leaders of the other groups. He welcomes them in.

Then we have our huge moment. There is a bright light in the sky and it is clear that there is a dome of some sort over Seattle. The enemy is attacking but their weapons aren’t penetrating. However, outside the wall the shots do land and we see one hit not far from where Katie is. Our last shot of her is seeing a bright ball of light in the distance with wind and debris heading her way but it’s unclear how much this will affect her because she’s not taking cover and it’s not right on top of her when the shot ends.

Our final shot is of Will being placed in a pod for transport.


So that’s how it will end. It is clear by the way that the show ended that the creators had more to say. On the official podcast released after the show Ryan Condall and Wes Tooke confirmed that they had about two more seasons of story to tell. If there is one bright spot to this ending is that it does signify new beginnings for all of our characters in some way. Each character was stepping into a new situation.

For Bram, he’s not a kid anymore. He’s decided to be his own man and he’s decided to care for Gracie. Will, obviously, is leaving his family to go fight with the RAPs. We all had hoped he’d recover and be the family man again but we won’t get to see that happen.

For Katie, if she isn’t already dead, she’s on her own currently. She has no kids to protect and no husband to be concerned with outside the wall. It’s going to be completely about her own survival for some period of time. Then, when she does come back she won’t have Will there for some period anyway.

For Broussard, he finally accepted that he is a leader. With some pushing from Amy he took that step and now he has an army at his command. Snyder, meanwhile is in a familiar position but a new situation. He’s in charge of the Seattle colony but faces threats from an internal army of trained killers. He also is not sure he can trust the RAPs so he’s facing a two-front war.

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Overall, Colony was a great show and it feels like season 3 was their best yet. We can speculate about where the show was going but, unless there is a miracle, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get to see it on-screen.

We’re signing off for Colony recaps, obviously, but stay tuned for some speculation on how the rest of the series might have gone!