Tyler Crispen is the most popular houseguest in the BB20 cast

Tyler Crispen is the most popular houseguest in the BB20 cast. (Tyler Crispen Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Tyler Crispen is the most popular houseguest in the BB20 cast. (Tyler Crispen Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Tyler Crispen has a lot of support from fans and is currently the most popular houseguest in the BB20 cast. He has topped many fan polls and has shown he might be in contention to eventually get named the Big Brother 20 winner.

When he won the Week 1 Head of Household Competition, Tyler Crispen put himself in an enviable position early on. It also made in the focal point of a few episodes, letting CBS viewers really get to know him. That was also the case for live feed subscribers, who got to see him interacting with the rest of the BB20 cast. This has set him up as one of the favorites to become the Big Brother 20 winner.

Tyler’s competition successes

In addition to being the Week 1 HOH, Tyler then won the Week 2 Power of Veto. Having his hands in the first two evictions led to Steve Arienta and Swaggy C heading home. Some new Big Brother 20 spoilers relay what he has done in Week 5 so far.

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Easy-going personality: The Tyler Crispen trademark

In addition to doing well in competitions, Tyler just has a certain likability to him. While some of the houseguests may get frustrated by what they see when they are out of the BB20 house and watching past episodes, most of them currently have smiles on their faces when it comes to Tyler. That was definitely the case in the Kaitlyn Herman exit interview with Julie Chen, as Kaitlyn still showed her support for Tyler, despite him just voting her out.

Tyler has a strong alliance going with Level Six, but he has also created secondary alliances that should help him get further in the game. That includes really strong bonds with Samantha Bledsoe, Bayleigh Dayton, and JC Mounduix. Somehow, even while trying to get Rachel Swindler out of the BB20 house, he has kept his friendship going with her. In the end, Tyler might be able to teach former houseguest Paul Abrahamian a thing or two about friendship.

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In a poll by fan site Joker’s Updates, Tyler Crispen has been the most popular houseguest for 11 straight days. He took over for Sam Bledsoe at the top of the poll, who fans loved the most until she won the Head of Household Competition. Now, it appears that Tyler is destined to win that bonus money from America, especially if nobody else in the BB20 cast ever targets him for eviction. Can anyone stop him from becoming the Big Brother 20 winner?