Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won the Hacker Competition?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Big Brother 20 spoilers might now reveal who won the Hacker Competition. Taking place on Friday (August 3) in the BB20 house, these latest competition gives the winner some special powers moving forward.

The ramifications of the first Hacker Competition played out on the CBS live feeds Friday night. As previously reported by Inside the BB House, the nominations have been altered. Angela Rummans is the current Head of Household and she decided to nominate Rockstar and Scottie Salton for eviction. All 11 houseguests then got to play in the Hacker Competition later that day. This is where things got really interesting inside the BB20 house. As these Big Brother 20 spoilers reveal, Scottie has been saved from the block.

Who won the Hacker Competition?

A report from a user on Twitter states that Haleigh Broucher won the Hacker Competition. Going by the name REALvegas4sure, this person has leaked a lot of information that has later been confirmed. This time, they appear to be telling fans that Haleigh now has the special power to really shake things up in the game. Her power won’t just be limited to changing the nominations.

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Big Brother 20 spoilers about Haleigh Hacker power

First, Haleigh was able to save someone from the block and name a replacement nominee. While taking Scottie down, she then put Tyler Crispen up for eviction. He now sits beside Rockstar on the block. Moving forward, Haleigh can also pick someone to play in the Power of Veto Competition on Saturday (August 4). Then, she can also nullify a vote at the upcoming Eviction Ceremony. That could be the biggest power that she now possesses, as it could certainly shift the balance of the game.

Haleigh chose not to reveal that she has this secret power, so a lot of the house suspects that it is Scottie who won the Hacker Competition. This could turn Scottie into a target by the Level Six alliance, but that side of the house has been trying to get him out for weeks. It will certainly be interesting to see what takes place at the upcoming Veto Ceremony and if Scottie is suddenly playing in it as the person chosen (secretly) by Haleigh. Picking an extra player to compete for the Power of Veto could make this a huge swing.

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There is a lot of information and footage in the can for producers to show during the Sunday night episode (August 5). It’s going to be a good one, as they can begin with the fallout of the Rachel Swindler eviction, cover the nominations by Angela Rummans, and also show who won the Hacker Competition. A lot of additional Big Brother 20 spoilers will come out through the weekend, with the expectation that they will serve as the focus of the Wednesday episode (August 8).