Adventure Time: 4 shows to watch after the series wraps up

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Adventure Time
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In September, Adventure Time will air its series finale so fans will be on the lookout for a new show. Here are 4 options to consider after the show ends.

Adventure Time is easily one of the most influential cartoons of the 2010’s and has stood the test of time. While originally marketed as a cartoon for kids, it helped bridge the gap between teenage and adult cartoon fans. It’s also one of the most recognizable of all Cartoon Network’s recent shows.

Sadly in September, the show is ending. At first, it was unclear when the show would end but Comic-Con answer that question. Officially, the series finale of Adventure Time will air on September 3. Even though it’s still a few weeks away, fans are already getting anxious.

The show made such a huge cultural impact and watching it end is tough. Thankfully, the one silver lining is the show ending on its own terms. After 10 seasons, it’s not hard to see why. Adventure Time has run its course and it’s time for the show, its cast, and its crew to move on.

With Adventure Time ending, fans are going to be on the lookout for similar shows. In honor of the show wrapping up, it’s time to talk 4 other shows on Cartoon Network that fans of Adventure Time might enjoy.

Even if you’re not an Adventure Time fan, you might want to give these shows a watch. Unsurprisingly, some are the work of former Adventure Time employees which is always exciting.