Big Brother 20 rumors: One houseguest had a Diary Room meltdown

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who will new HOH nominate for eviction?(Orville the Owl Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who will new HOH nominate for eviction?(Orville the Owl Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 rumors coming from social media indicate one houseguest is having a really difficult time. It has been hinted that Sam Bledsoe may have had a breakdown in a Diary Room session.

A Twitter user, known for revealing secrets from Big Brother, has possibly leaked some information about the health of one contestant. These Big Brother 20 rumors relate to Sam Bledsoe, who may have been going through some emotional issues in a Diary Room session. A report by fan site Joker’s Updates combined all of the tweets from that Twitter user, spelling out what might be a concerning issue within the BB20 house.

Diary Room information on Sam Bledsoe

Addressing the Big Brother 20 rumors, Twitter user REALvegas4sure revealed a lot of information about what was going on inside the house. This was in addition to stating that Sam “had a total meltdown in DR and it was pretty bad.[sic]”

"“Sam will be talked to in DR by a physician not just medic or nurse. I won’t be sharing any outcomes as it is medical, but she is going to be checked in properly. Concerns throughout production on her stability. though she hasn’t crossed lines many have flagged her for eval. #BB20 [sic]”"

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The Twitter user went on to state that many houseguests have wanted to self-evict or leave the game in the past. Sometimes they will get “very emotional” in the Diary Room. The person went on to state that past contestants have also gone through medical evaluations and had “deeper talks” if there were concerns. They ended the posts by stating, “FYI, I am not saying Sam has a mental health issue but red flags lead to need for doc.[sic]”

Sam still in the house, despite Big Brother 20 rumors

Live feed subscribers and CBS viewers have all seen that Sam is struggling a bit in the BB20 house. Long-term fans have also seen this happen with many houseguests in the past. Sam certainly isn’t the first houseguest to have a crying session in the Diary Room and she probably won’t even be the last one to do it during the summer 2018 season. Hopefully, meeting with the physician was exactly what she needed and that she will be ready to continue competing for the $500,000 prize and the title of Big Brother 20 winner.

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It’s important to point out that this information is unconfirmed, even though it comes from a very reliable source on social media. As such, it could be flawed or misinterpreted, but this person has frequently provided accurate behind-the-scenes information directly from the show, leading to a lot of trust from fans.

Sam Bledsoe can next be seen by the CBS audience during the August 15 episode of the show at 8/7c. It’s unclear whether these Big Brother 20 rumors will be addressed by the producers.