Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 22 episode include Power of Veto results

Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 22 episode include Power of Veto results. (Faysal Shafaat Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)
Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 22 episode include Power of Veto results. (Faysal Shafaat Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 returned with its August 22 episode on Wednesday night. This was a big episode for the show, covering who became the Power of Veto winner and welcoming Zingbot back to the house.

There was a lot to cover in the “previously on Big Brother 20” segment to open the episode. That included Faysal Shafaat winning the HOH Endurance Competition. Faysal also hosted the Week 8 Nomination Ceremony, where he placed Brett Robinson and Scottie Salton on the block. The new HOH felt that he couldn’t trust Scottie because they hadn’t been “talking game” this season, despite Haleigh Broucher pointing out to him that neither had most of the BB20 house.

Nomination Ceremony fallout

Faysal had the first Diary Room session, noting that he nominated Scottie and Brett to figure out which one was lying about voting to save Rockstar. Then, Brett had a DR where he made fun of Faysal for falling for all the lies. JC Mounduix celebrated during his DR, relishing how well his plan had worked to get Scottie on the block. While in the kitchen, Faysal started yelling at Scottie, furthering the lies that Level Six had planted in Faysal’s mind.

Scottie had his own DR, where he was in complete shock about the stupidity of this game move by Faysal. The episode worked toward a meeting of the Level Six alliance, where they were enjoying what had just taken place. Kaycee Clark, in a DR session, celebrated that her part in the lies had also worked so well. Kaycee said “you the man” to Faysal about nominating someone on his side of the house.

Haleigh tried to clean up some of the damage that Faysal had just created, but he didn’t want to hear it. He was content and ecstatic about his “big game move” to get Scottie out of the BB20 house. At one point, it even had Haleigh yelling at Faysal, because he couldn’t even comprehend what was going on inside of the house. Faysal even mentioned that he didn’t know whether or not Haleigh could be working with the other side.

Players for the Big Brother 20 Veto Competition

Faysal Shafaat drew Angela Rummans to play for the Power of Veto, Scottie Salton picked Haleigh Broucher as his choice, and Brett Robinson randomly chose Tyler Crispen to play again. Those were the six people who would be participating in the Hide and Go Seek Veto Competition.

While waiting for the Veto Competition to take place, Faysal made a deal with Tyler, where they would team up to help get Scottie out of the house. Tyler made fun of Faysal in a DR session, welcoming him to the Big Brother game on Day 60 of the summer. A bit too late for alliances.

Zingbot meets the Big Brother 20 cast

Zingbot entered the BB20 house and made jokes about each of the houseguests. Most of them took the jokes well, with the exception of Angela and Sam. Zingbot then led the final nine houseguests to the backyard for the latest Power of Veto Competition.

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Week Veto Competition

The six houseguests playing for the Power of Veto each got three minutes to hide a game piece within the house. Then, houseguests would take turns trying to find the folders that had been hidden. Once five folders had been found, they would begin opening them to find out which folder had not been found. The person who hid their folder the best would win the Power of Veto.

Tyler and Scottie found folders and then Faysal found Haleigh’s folder. Scottie then found another folder. The fifth folder was found by Haleigh. In order, the folders opened belonged to Angela, Tyler, Haleigh, Scottie, and Faysal. This means that Brett Robinson is the Power of Veto winner.

Veto Ceremony time?

The Week 8 Veto Meeting didn’t even get shown, as they spent a lot of time showing Sam Bledsoe and Scottie Salton trying to convince Faysal Shafaat to put Haleigh Broucher on the block. That was probably not a satisfying ending to a lot of Big Brother fans. For anyone who wants to learn what took place at the Veto Ceremony, a previous report by Inside the BB House covers those particular Big Brother 20 spoilers.

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That brings an end to the August 22 Big Brother 20 recap. The next episode of the show comes on Thursday night (August 23) at 9/8c on CBS. Among the Big Brother 20 spoilers from that episode will be who gets evicted and who wins the next HOH Competition.